Wednesday, 23 December 2015 21:14 Editorial Cartoonist - G Tod Slone

If I’d Gone on a Mass Shooting Spree

the folks would probably say:
He could be very rude;
he never combed his hair and was unshaven;
He wore the same clothes everyday, and
even left them hanging on his porch;
He lived alone, I didn’t trust him;
we never let the kids walk to the bus stop,
which was across from his house;
he seemed very angry at times;
His front fence had poems nailed to it;
I saw him protesting several times in front of the library
—he seemed bitter—
and even one time during the Fourth of July parade—
people didn’t want to see that,
they wanted to eat hot-dogs with their kids;
His old girlfriend said, she wasn’t surprised;
He didn’t seem to have any friends at all…

Now, compare that with the most recent Muslim mass murderer
He was quiet but always polite…

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