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It's ironic and funny for Fourth Reich to criticize foreign countries, when its member country Greece persecutes dissident bloggers, violates human rights, and applies kangaroo justice. Fourth Reich should rein in Graecokleptocrats and kangaroo judges first before accusing foreign kleptocrats of misconduct. Clean your own house first, before opening your mouth about the dirt in other houses. Neelie Kroes says the European Union is not just a common market; and not just a guardian of peace. It is a place of fundamental rights: rights that we treasure, protect and assure for our citizens.

Kroes points out the internet is not just a technology; and not just a space for business opportunities. The internet is the new frontier of freedom and a new tool to exercise this freedom. The right to self-expression is safeguarded and championed by a free media. Because a free media guarantees a way to challenge authority and expose abuse of power; it ensures awareness and tolerance for other views; it safeguards liberty and human rights. In that respect, it's clear that journalists, bloggers, activists and human rights defenders are an instrument of democracy. Holding up a torch to reveal acts of despotism.

Greek Stavros Lambrinidis, EU Representative for Human Rights, cannot talk about violation of human rights in foreign countries, when Greece is a major violator of human rights, persecuting dissident bloggers, terrorizing the blogosphere, applying kangaroo justice, using brutal cops, and barbarism galore! If Lambrinidis believes in double standards, he should quit. Lambrinidis cannot be humane with socialists, and inhumane with libertarians. Lambrinidis cannot criticize Russian inhumanity and condone Greek inhumanity. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Socialist Lambrinidis, the whipping boy of socialist Ashton for human rights, cannot use smokescreens to hide violations of human rights in Greece. Weeping Greeks deserve some compassion from Ashton and her whipping boy. Of course, unelected Eurocrats do not have any incentive to listen to Europeans, but only to those Eurokleptocrats who are willing to squander the taxpayers' hard-earned money. Nevertheless, a weeping boy needs the whipping boy!

Kroes reminds us the amazing story of Malala Yousafzai. For several years, this Pakistani girl has been blogging about life under Taliban tyranny, and calling for the right to women's education. A young girl, with a fierce, brave sense of justice, is able to spread her story to the world. One young girl, armed only with access to the internet, is able to expose and challenge the Taliban.

The Taliban were so scared of Malala, they attempted to assassinate her: but they failed. That cowardly attempt to murder a 14 year old girl won't silence her. And it certainly won't silence her message. That is the power of free speech to spread truth and promote liberty. That's how much we need it. Wherever it is: whether it's Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, or Greece.

Kroes is taking action to defend these human rights, both within the EU openly criticising Member States where needed, and beyond. EU's No-Disconnect strategy will help online activists use technological tools in their struggle for democracy. Like by promoting technologies that help journalists avoid surveillance, and safeguard their right to privacy. By providing funding to fight cyber-censorship, under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. And by ensuring that EU companies are aware of the human rights implications of the technologies they sell. In more serious cases, using ICT export controls.

Netherlands leads the way to net-neutrality, whereas Greece lags far behind. Netherlands versus Neanderthals! Whenever the internet encounters a bottleneck, such as the freakish government of Greece, it just goes around it, bypassing cybercensorship, stupid regulation, VAT, cancer of socialism, and sadomasochism!

Greeks tend to persecute and ostracize their heroes and magnificent citizens. Athenians killed Socrates, and they tried to kill Aristotle. Athenians ostracized Themistocles, who fought against Darius's invading army at Marathon and masterminded the Athenian victory against Xerxes at Salamis. Persecuted also by Spartans, Themistocles fled to the Persian Empire and eventually found employment at the Persian Court and was made governor of Magnesia in Anatolia, where he lived out the rest of his life. Greeks put on trial Prince Andrew, father of Greek Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth of England, and he might have been executed, but the family managed to flee. Lambrinidis condones my persecution by the freakish government of Greece! Patrick Henry famously said that if this be treason, make the most of it! Ron Paul says truth is treason in the empire of lies.

Kroes declares that to deprive of human rights not just journalists and bloggers, not just their sources – but the citizens who have a right to know the truth is not acceptable. And it will not serve the economic growth of the country. A free internet, a free country is also the path to a more prosperous future.

No Greek voted for Barroso, Reding, Ashton, Malmstroem, Kroes, and Lambrinidis; that's why these unelected Eurocrats do not give a damn about human rights in Greece. Barbarity and brutality of Greece are out of control. The Greek government has invented a way of terrorizing dissident bloggers with frivolous charge stacking and perpetual delay of justice. The government accuses a dissident blogger with many charges, including treason, in order to intimidate the blogger. Besides, a charge might stick like throwing spaghetti on the wall.

Moreover, the judge postpones the trial for another six months, and so it goes ad infinitum, breaking the nerves of the blogger in a perpetual sequence of agony, huge legal expenses, and humiliation. Perpetual delay of justice is being used as a punishment without trial. This amounts to routine summary punishment of the presumed innocent.

Kroes points out violations of media freedom don't stand alone: they are linked to failures in other human rights, too. Because a government that arbitrarily restricts the media is, without doubt, restricting other freedoms too. A government with nothing to hide would not fear people exposing the truth.

Cybercensorship encourages freakish governments, such as the brutal government of Greece. On October 18, 2010, the Greek government stole my life at gunpoint. Mr. Samaras, bring my life back! Enough is enough! Greece, the bully of blogosphere, has crossed the Rubicon against civility, terrorizing and robbing dissident bloggers.

Giving cybercensorship to blogbusters is giving gin to alcoholics! Blogbusters galore! Freak! Freak! Freak! The freakish government of Greece, the most corrupt country in Occident, steals computers! Robbing dissident bloggers and locking them in jail is a freakish behavior that does not belong to the European Union, not even to this galaxy! No wonder some vain Greeks boast they come from Andromeda galaxy!

The fight against cybercensorship is more essential than ever. By creating blogs for exchanging ideas and information, internet is a force for freedom. In countries where the traditional media are controlled by the government, the only independent news and information are to be found on the internet, which has become a forum for discussion and a refuge for those who want to express their views freely. http://venitism.blogspot.com

However, more and more repressive governments, such as those of China and Greece, have realized this and persecute dissident bloggers. Never have so many countries been affected by some form of cybercensorship, whether arrests or harassment of dissident bloggers, online surveillance, website blocking, or the adoption of repressive internet laws. Dissident bloggers are being targeted by government reprisals.

Free speech, media, and information flows increasingly ignore and elude physical frontiers or national boundaries. Many governments fearful of this lack of control, are trying hard to restore or fortify barriers to trace, block, target, and censor those who champion the truth. The First Amendment of the American constitution protects speech even when the subject or manner of expression is uncomfortable and challenges conventional religious beliefs, political attitudes, or standards of good taste.

Civil society must persuade the freakish blogbusters of the enemies of internet to stop persecuting and robbing dissident bloggers. The enemies of internet are Bahrain, Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. The freakish government of Greece stole my life!

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