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In 2006 the Free Press Journal began online and changed into the National Free Press (Canada); the response was steady and surprisingly, worldwide.  People grumbled that we created a free press forum for Canada only and encouraged us to take this ‘open concept for free speech’ and make it a global entity.

The format was simple - a place for everyone to come together - all the political sides, all the religious viewpoints and all the cultural opinions to create a platform to help us understand different people, lifestyles and traditions, and to join in with other Human Rights websites with our contribution to a positive world.

The Global Free Press was the end result and was an advertisement-free, independent international online editorial magazine that was open for everyone to contribute to, no matter where they were from, what colour they were, what age or gender, which political group they belonged to, or which deity they worshiped or the one they didn't.  We created our own Standards and Policies regarding the material that we posted to ensure fair and just publishing.

And for 10 years everything was well in the world of the GFP, we were privileged to have an impressive group of writers and artists from amateurs to seasoned professionals who joined in as a Columnist, Contributor or Editorial Cartoonist all expressing themselves in their own fashion, with their viewpoint, on a variety of topics.  These articles, stories and images are a look into the world from 2006 to 2016.  

Eventually Business Projects started to get in the way of this hobby that had grown.

Then the world changed and it changed rapidly.

The rise of extreme right-wing groups, white supremacists and nationalists all bubbled to the surface – fuelled by political groups, right-wing media, religious organizations and a wide variety of hate groups and clubs like the NRA, KKK, Proud Boys, and Neo-Nazis just to name a few.

Using the Internet, these groups have managed to reach those who take information in easily without taking the time to check the facts and then that misinformation is quickly spread across cyberspace.  The “fake news” that you hear about is the real news.  Confusing isn’t it.

Their detrimental attitude to life in general and their blatant disregard for any and all human rights have set up humanity for a wicked battle of principles, morals and wits.

So the Global Free Press changed.

We’re going to continue forward with a different format to reflect the changing world by actively fighting the aforementioned groups by posting the best positive information that highlights the better accomplishments in our world.

With real - not fake: fact-filled information you can share with anyone who gives a hoot about humanity.

People around the world must continue this righteous fight between real and fake, with words, with conversation, with understanding and patience.  And ‘in-your-face’ arguments when necessary.

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The original GFP will continue on as an Archive of sorts until the internet melts down or the political leaders of this world lose their respective noodles and blow us off the face of the planet.

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The Global Free Press – We’re Not Done Yet...
Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:46 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
How do we go back thousands of years and change the human condition of race and superiority, or the illusion thereof?  How do we move forward and change the future?  We can’t do either.  For lack of a better term – we’re screwed.
All the work done in the name of friendly race relations doesn’t seem to be sticking, or working, or getting into the thick human skull that we’ve all come to know and love.  The oppression against every race in some way, shape or form is seen throughout our very busy, sometimes happy, but brutal human history.
It would appear that if humans aren’t beating each other into a bloody pulp… we’re not having any fun.  Yes, we’re just that sad.
All the feel-good videos, songs, stories, posters, and conversations have done squat.  Some may argue that the internet has made things worse by actually opening up the racism door even wider by the simple fact that it is a world-wide medium – for all of us to use.  All of us.
The flip side to this is our inherent desire to speak our minds in whatever fashion we deem suitable despite who doesn’t like it.  Although that’s a different story, the results are connected to this one.
Perhaps many thousand of years ago we should have stayed in our respective caves with our respective races and not ventured out to other lands.  But we all know that wasn’t gonna happen.
Thursday, 29 January 2015 13:21 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
“We meet again, Mulcair, Trudeau, and May” scowled Harper as he stroked his evil kitten. 
Think about it, like any James Bond villain, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has gone out of his way to take over Canada, while he sacrifices his henchmen any time bad things happen.   Remember Nigel Wright?  He was Harper’s “Number 1” (the one with the hidden poisoned-tipped knife in the shoe).   
It must be bloody frightening to be a minister under Harper, because it would mean that you are subjected to jumping to your death on your own accord to save Harper from any scrutiny, while you mutter “It’s been a privilege serving with you sir!”
And don’t do anything too stupid.  Also known as a “Duffy”, a “Del Mastro”, or an “Oda”.  You’ll get thrown into the shark/alligator/piranha tank.
From day one, those who have been unfortunate enough to cross Harpers’ path the wrong way know his wrath – or at least his dirty looks… while they are forced to walk away from their post.  How many ministers have ruined their political careers lying for Harper over and over and nauseatingly over again on the many news programs and political talk shows?
Sunday, 18 January 2015 20:26 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
As the publisher of the GFP, I suppose I should say a little bit about the Free Expression Awareness Campaign that’s currently underway in Paris, France, courtesy of the controversial publication Charlie Hebdo, and offer my rendition on this complex issue.
It was without a doubt, a most un-cool thing for the Charlie Hebdo people to be killed while drawing crappy cartoons.   And by crappy cartoons I’m mean crappy cartoons that I can’t be bothered to look at (except for the cover of the “Je suis Charlie” Issue, which is on the GFP Facebook Page because the GFP supports Reporters Without Borders and they put the cover on their Facebook Page and I shared it yadda yadda).
There are a lot of “things” I don’t look at.
Anyway, it’s very simple - “If you don’t like what you’re watching – change the channel!”  That’s right, if you don’t like what they publish, print, video, text, or whatever, you have an option to NOT look at it. 
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 14:55 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
Kidnapping one person is bad enough, kidnapping almost 300 teenage girls aged 12 to 15, to be sold as sex slaves in this day and age is sheer lunacy. 
Abubakar Shekau, (the bone-head in the image) Boko Haram’s self-proclaimed “leader” is quite simply bat-shit insane.  This clown with the funny hat is making other terrorists look bad, even Al-Qaeda is upset!
Boko Haram are annoying, shit-disturbing lunatics, who think that they, like all terrorists, have the right to inflict their brand of hell onto innocent Nigerians, without pondering the outcome, be it good, bad or ugly.  In this case… seriously fucking ugly. 
Boko Haram’s translated meaning of “western education is sinful” leaves little to the imagination, but it’s not the stupid name that gets our backs up, it’s the cowardly tactics they use while pretending to be big bad asses when they are essentially hiding behind the skirts of a few hundred little girls.
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 16:59 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
If you haven’t heard of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his latest escapades, then you’re a very fortunate person and live in Antartica.  Do yourself a favour and try to keep it that way.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the Ford garbage pile keeps getting larger… and larger.  In fact, it’s a bigger pile than during the garbage strike under Mayor David Miller.  Literally.  And it smells just as bad.  Maybe worse.

And the “Ford Nation” (which we nauseatingly have to hear about far too much) must be the garbage-can that holds the Ford garbage pile.  Sounds legit.

What sane individual backs up an ignorant*, public-peeing, crack-using, drunk-driving, pot-smoking, foul-mouthed, quasi alcoholic?  The only taboo not on the list is a prostitute and… oh wait…


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