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Been weirdly busy with the new site for the past few months and as a result, I haven’t had a chance to do any recent scribbling about the state of mankind’s mind. Since the new site is basically under control (I keep telling myself that), the recent Taser bullshit was too much for me to watch this go by without muttering something about it.

For some time now I’ve had a hankering to talk about Canada - my true north strong and free. If I can crap on my fellow brethren’s government and ideologies then so it shall be said that I will spit my last spit at the country which I fondly and dearly call - home. In a democratic society, I get to say what I would like to without fear of being thrown into Guantanamo Bay (I keep telling myself that too).

However after the Taser incident at the Vancouver Airport, I’m not sure if we still ‘look good’ to the rest of the planet. In fact, with the help of our endless supply of audacious political leaders, Canada has begun to look more out of whack than what we are generally supposed to.

Between the Arar case and countless others still being held in prisons - in places we don’t know about, and silly foreign policy moves by silly foreign affair ministers regarding particular countries which we don’t normally stick our noses into - to having a pathetic, overall Human Rights record with the United Nations, that says Canada still has t deal with inequalities encountered by aboriginal peoples with unresolved aboriginal land claims issues and the number of aboriginals who die in police custody. No shit!

As well as inequalities encountered by African-Canadians and other minorities. UN Committee members are also disturbed by an unreasonably high proportion of African-Canadians in detention.

And that’s just that topic. We still have major poverty, homelessness and other rights issues that would make Ide Amin thrilled to bits.

In a news report (UN chastises Canada for human rights record) in the Globe & Mail on May 8, 2006, Lisa Schelein of the Canadian Press* reported that…

“A United Nations watchdog group has harshly criticized Canada for its failure to live up to its commitments under an international treaty that protects people’s economic, social and cultural rights.

In a tough assessment, one of the committee’s 18 independent experts noted that “some situations (in Canada) had actually got worse” since Canada’s record was last scrutinized in 1998.”

“Some situations (in Canada) had actually got worse”!?! Worse people. Not better. Worse. What the hell is this?

The news report goes on to say…

“Many of the issues our committee raised in 1993 and 1998 are unfortunately still live issues today,” said Ariranga Govindasamy Pillay, an expert from Mauritius. “Years later, the situation appears to be unchanged, and in some respects worse.”

“There is continuing homelessness and reliance on food banks, security of tenure is still not enjoyed by tenants, child tax benefits are still clawed back.”

“The situation of Aboriginal peoples, migrants and people with disabilities doesn’t seem to be improving,” Mr. Pillay said.

Well this can’t be good.

The idea behind pointing out Canada’s dirty undies is also to bring to light to RCMP’s spiral downward spin they seem to be on. Sure ‘the Mounties usually get their man’ however the RCMP seem to be ‘getting their man’ in a very disturbing way.

The recent Arar case brought out how much of a mess the RCMP are in, so much so that the Commissioner at the time, a Mr. Zaccardelli, resigned his post. Things can’t be good when the top cop is being forced out over Troubling Times at RCMP High.

The Tasering of Mr. Robert Dziekanski has been seen by anybody with a conscience and a computer. And for me it seems to be the icing on the cake in regards to how screwed up this country has become. When in doubt - zap ‘em! Reminds me of the old ‘shoot first and ask later’ concept. A bit of the old wild west idea. Gee, I wonder where they got that from?

When four mighty Mounties can’t get a grip on a man, and then reduce their own integrity to using a Taser, then pack it up and get out of the RC’s. What was once the pride and joy of Canada is fast becoming Canada’s number one eyesore.

At the present rate of declination, Canada should be able to take it’s place at the same dinner table as the rest of the world’s most obnoxious group in no time.

Thank you, RCMP people for protecting all of us against the terrible wrath that the evil Mr. Robert Dziekanski was about to unleash on all of Canada. What the f*** is wrong with you people?

Thank you, Vancouver International Airport people for showing the rest of world how we welcome new people to this country. Was it too much to have a translator on hand?

No. no, Tasers don’t kill people - 17 people have died in this country after being hit by a Taser. If we are to believe the Taser manufacturer, those 17 people would have just dropped dead anyway - on the same day they were Tasered. Nothing but a big coinkydinky here I guess. Put a sock in it, Mr. Taser-man.

Hé, les gendarmerie, Taser this!

*UN chastises Canada for human rights record
LISA SCHLEIN - Canadian Press

I considered placing the video here, but decided that I didn’t want it to exist in The Publishers Notes, however, for those of you who haven’t seen this embarrassing pile of bullshit here is the link…

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