Monday, 13 August 2007 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

Okay - I’m not going to start this off by condemning the Chinese as the official ‘product tampering people’ of the planet. Gosh no, nothing like that.

I won’t mention the fake Colgate toothpaste with the added flavour and goodness of anti-freeze. Next time why don’t you spell Colgate right. We really aren’t that stupid. Nor blind.

I’ll try not to talk about the “intentional” adding of a dangerous product into close to hundred different brands of pet foods. So much of a list, that it would have been easier to create a list of the pet foods that were alright to purchase.

Nor will I bring up the faulty wiring products sold through those handy dandy ‘Dollar’ stores. Extension cords, outlet extension plugs etc., these products have been linked to fires. Not cool.

I’m not going to mention the recall of close to 20 million toys - everything from Elmo to Barbie to Thomas the Train. Toys all around the world covered with lead paint - I didn’t think anyone made lead paint anymore - apparently I was wrong. Besides what’s a little lead poisoning between countries, eh? The movie “Toys” could take on a whole new meaning.

And I certainly won’t mumble about the 500,000 tires missing an essential piece of the overall product. The missing piece is the bonding agent which keeps the steel belted part of the tire - attached to the rubber part of the tire. How the hell can ya miss that? A faulty tire stem maybe - but this? Feel safe out there on the highway motoring along at 70 clicks, well hell, if the tires don’t fall apart, better hope the bridge you’re on won’t fall down.

And there will be more, and more of the same. More crappy, dangerous products will surface. And where the hell has the Government been all this time? Don’t you people check the shit that shows up from lord-knows-where?

Well here’s a hell of a question….Is there some sort of Chinese conspiracy to eliminate the rest of humankind? There, I said it, and yet somehow I doubt I’m alone.

What are you people doing over there? Canada, as many other countries do, sends the raw materials to China, where in turn they make inferior products and sell them back to us at beyond reasonable prices - this debilitating yet profitable tradition has been going on for years and years. But we didn’t think you were poisoning us as well!

Which leads me to my next question - How long have we all been sucking up life threatening products? How long have we been absorbing strange chemicals courtesy of our friends in China?

Oh and please don’t try to play “stupid” on this issue, if I may, I’d remind you that you are “supposed” to be the brilliant ones on this planet. At least that’s what you keep stuffing up our western noses. I mean, you do know what you are doing over there, don’t you!?!

And yet, one of the heads of a company responsible for some of the lead toys - committed hara-kari. Me thinks somebody knew something is very wrong.

Damn you Sponge Bob!

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