Friday, 03 August 2007 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

Actually…the Russians have landed - at the bottom of the arctic - with a freakin’ flag no less. - ??

Yo guys, there had to be a better way to say, “Nyet Comrades, we take some too, da!?” I’m sure we could work somethin’ out.

And it begins, the race for the north - the race for all the hidden goodies buried under the frozen arctic ice and snow. Goodies of unimaginable proportions and wealth. I’ll say it again, goodies of unimaginable proportions and wealth. You name it and it’s supposed to be there. Oil, gold, diamonds and lord knows what. Tim Horton’s is probably already staking claim to outlets in Resolute, Nunavut.

Russia’s claim will be the first of many, along with Canada, Iceland (Norway) and Greenland (Denmark). For some bizarre reason the US has been left out of the loop. Something to do with not signing an agreement about ratifying the north pole region - yadda yadda. Oops. Well done people, might wanna be nicer to us oddball canucks.

And yet, when one Googles ‘north pole’ under the Map tab, the following shows up - Hummm, seems the North Pole already has an address fellas. Sorry, better luck next time. Go ahead , give it a whirl.

However, this soon to be disputed area has the capacity to start a major pile of shit. Not now, but one day it will. Oh yes…it will. Think about it people, if the north has enough goodies to make the Russians plant a flag under the North Pole, on the bottom of the sea bed, then anything is possible, including a war.

And during the ‘Great Northern Rush” of 2025, mankind in their haste to win all and then use the land to their purpose, will have forgotten about the Climate Change problem. And while they navigate their boats through the Northwest Passage, and as they ravage the north, they will have spewed a trillion tons of gas emissions into the air, and quite likely done some very heavy damage to the surrounding environment. So much for trying to slow down our polluting progress.

There are those that will argue that the exploration, (and exploitation) of the ‘great north, strong and free’, is necessary for the survival of the many.

Get comfy folks, this should get interesting.

Image Courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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