Friday, 13 April 2007 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

Canadians recently celebrated the 90 year anniversary of the taking of Vimy Ridge in France during the 1st World War by a gallant group of Canadians soldiers who were fighting for a profound reason.

On that same weekend of celebratory thoughts and events, the Canadian Forces lost 6 personnel by a land mine; two days later another 2 were killed by a roadside bombing in Afghanistan. According to the media: “eight casualties in a week is the worst loss of personnel since the Korean war.” What’s next? “That was the worst loss of troops in one day since Vietnam” or “The Second World War”?

In July 2006, I wrote a piece called  “Will the war in Afghanistan be Harper’s demise? Or Canada’s?”   I believe I’ve got the answer now. It’s neither. It’s the Canadian Armed Forces and the other nations who fight a losing battle - a battle not their own. A battle courtesy of the Bush administration and their stupid ideas.

I wonder what the men who crashed landed at Vimy Ridge would say about the Afghanistan war? Would they ask the big question? Why are we there? Would they ask why the troops are busy being social workers instead of doing their job? Would they ask why will it take ten or twenty years for the ‘coalition’ to remove the Taliban? When it took them a total of 4 years to defeat a powerhouse like Germany and the rest of that group! It took the Canadian troops a day to take Vimy. It took 6 years to take out Hitler and his merry band of assholes. Something wrong here, people.


I gotta few questions…

When would the ‘coalition’ like to end this mess?

When will the countries involved in the Afghanistan fiasco stop lying to their people and their armed forces about why they are there? (Simply because no-one had the nutolas to tell Bush to cram it?)

When will the good leaders of these countries realize that this “war” will not go away - a la Vietnam and others?

That should do it.

Everyone who is involved in the Afghanistan fun and games is there because the United States said that the evil Al-Qaeda and Osama were behind the 911 bombings. Everyone knows that in the end the entire goal was to set foot in Iraq. Well, the US got what they wanted.

In the meantime, Canada, the UK, France, Australia, Turkey, Germany and Italy etc., will continue to fight a hidden enemy. Am I forgetting that terrorists exist? No. They will always exist. And as I pointed out in an article called “The Publisher’s Top Ten News Stories - #5. Stupid Terrorists” the media could stop giving the terrorists free airtime. Yeah yeah - it'll never work.

Are the Taliban terrorists? Not sure about that. Are they a bizarre branch of the human tree with strange ideas about woman and life, ruled and dictated by men with severe psychological problems? Fer sure! Are the coalition planning to re-educate the Taliban on Human Rights issues? Are we to believe that the Taliban will convert to rationalized type thinking and abandon their oddball ideals? And welcome westernized wonderfulness? Ya gotta be kidding. This is one hell of a snowjob on not just us but also the people of Afghanistan.

War is no doubt a favourite pastime of mankind, it just won’t stop one day. Unless that’s the day everyone throws nukes at one another. If we, along with other nations, are going to send our troops to a place to deal with the ‘bad guys’ then we should let them do their job. If there is no actual “job” to be done, then bring the troops home to their respective countries. The Afghans can do what they want to - now that’s real democracy.

If the troops are to battle the Taliban then let’s stop playing footsies with them. Either get your collective shit together and blow the Taliban off the face of the planet, or get the hell out of their country and let the Afghans beat each other to a pulp if they want to. Maybe a little harsh but what the hell.

The Taliban/Al-Qaeda/Osama and the Afghan people have existed long before western intervention and will continue long after the west moves their asses out of the area.

But because of the undercurrent of international political wrangling, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq will go on. And if it goes on in Afghanistan for 20 years, it will kill Canada’s military resources. Canada won’t be able to be the ‘peacekeepers’ that they are. Other countries with a legit need for “peacekeeping” help will suffer.

Look around. Americans want their people out of Iraq. Other people in the other countries want their people out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Percentages are high - why is that? Is it because too many people now know that these two skirmishes are nothing more than a Bush orchestrated event?

Oh most definitely.

Image Courtesy the Canadian DND

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