Saturday, 03 February 2007 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

Tired of your old weather satellite? Well then, just shoot the damn thing down! Oops, sorry about the international space station. Luckily for all of us, their third time at trying to blow the satellite out of space finally worked. However, the missile could have gone off-course and taken out any other satellite up there. ‘Could have’ being the key words the Chinese would mumble, if the Chinese even mumbled.

On the other hand, the extra 40,000 plus pieces of the leftover satellite floating around in space will undoubtedly upset all the aliens who drive through the earth’s air space on occasion. We get pissed when bugs are plastered on the windshield, imagine a bolt? 

While the fact that thousands of nuts, bolts and other assorted metal goodies are floating around in space is not all that new, and considering that China is the “emerging power”; and since their pollution level has risen dramatically over the past decade, space just had to be on their list as well. Driving through space is a little trickier than it used to be. NASA needs to build a garbage-truck shuttle.


Once again, another amazing human achievement. We just can’t help ourselves can we? As per usual, we humans continue to out do ourselves, it seems we’re not satisfied in polluting the earth. Space pollution is well underway and soon Mars will be full of junk, just like the moon, where artifacts from the past still sit undisturbed. As soon as we figure out how to solve the climate issues down here, we’ll have to figure out to fix the outer space junk.

We’ve all heard of “China Rising”! Boy, did these people “rise” or what? The ability to shoot satellites out of space, some 800 kilometres up yonder has ruffled feathers down here on planet earth. Especially you know who - the US. And apparently Australia and Canada. The three have voiced their concerns publicly. Like the Chinese are really gonna worry about what Australia and Canada have to say.But this isn’t the first satellite to be blown out of the heavens, back in the early eighties (Ronald Reagan days) the US flung a missile up there for the same reason - defunct satellite. The US, in their infinite wisdom, seem to think they’re lord and master over space and a good chunk of the universe. It would seem that the US has competition.

So, where does all of this leave us?

Who the hell knows.

From news article...
Debris from China satellite ‘threatens ISS’/Missile test seen putting station at risk
Daily Yomiuri, Conservative daily of Tokyo, Japan.

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