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It’s quickly becoming ‘The Lunatic-ship of Stephen Harper’.  It has almost reached a comedic level that I’ve never experienced before in Canadian politics.  I mean I thought René Lévesque was a hoot to watch, but Harper is getting downright hilarious, especially during Question Period, where he is clearly rattled by the sudden return of the Liberals and it shows in his consistent nervous rendition of Trudeau’s lack of experience!
In the meantime, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair stands on the other side of the House waving his arms frantically trying to get Harper’s attention, I mean come on… he is after all, the Official Opposition!  I don’t think Harper even knows he’s there!

Harper and his cohorts have created a fine mess, partly to blame is Harper's "not so secret" agenda.  Perhaps if he wasn't blinded by his quest for parliamentary purity and shaping Canada in his image, he might not have had so many really stupid things going on.

For those of you who don’t know, Harper’s dream agenda is to “destroy the Liberal party”.  Destroy… friendly fellow isn’t he?  Just the sort of compassionate, kind, caring leader we want running our happy little country.
Rather audacious wouldn’t you say? 
I hate to tell you this Mr. Harper, but the only people who can “destroy” a political party are the Canadian people – not you silly. 
Since writing the article, The Dictatorship of Stephen Harper about a year ago, it’s been pretty much the same for the Conservatives.
You know… the usual – screw-up directly or indirectly; then explain to the public: (a.) “They didn’t know that would happen”, or (b.) “What screw-up?”, and finally (c.) ignore the entire affair in the House of Commons in front of all Canadians who watch stunned while our fearless and gallant leader… lies.
The growing list of infractions, contempt charges, conflict-of-interest problems, illegal donations, illegal campaign activities; plus an impressive selection of detrimental parliamentary changes, and of course, rampant Senate issues, is far too long to document here – that, and it would be nauseating to see.
Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass which party leader pulls off this un-democratic crap, they have to go and that damn election is still a long way off! 
Meanwhile… across the country… thousands of Canadians are sticking pins in little Stephen Harper dolls.
In 2006 the Liberals hit the proverbial fence at a hundred miles an hour with the ‘Sponsorship Scandal’ which blew the doors off Paul Martin and the Liberals.
Harper used the scandal as a means to win an election while snowing everyone with something called the “Accountability Act” which in itself is a pile of doggy-doo.
There has never been “accountability” with the Harper Government.  And there never will be.  “What 3.1 billion dollars?”
One of the differences between the Conservatives and the Liberals is when a Liberal goes off the deep-end, they usually resign and then the Liberal Leader calls for an inquiry or RCMP investigation.  This happens ninety-nine point nine, nine, nine percent of the time.  
When a Conservative goes flippy, they… well… they usually do squat.  This happens ninety-nine point nine, nine, nine percent of the time. 
I’m not really sure what the NDP would do; not sure if they even know.
Anyway, if you’re a Tory and you’ve been nabbed and can’t seem to shrug it off using the tried and true system mentioned above, there always seem to be an alternate ending to the storyline. 
For example, after you’ve been busted for accepting “illegal campaign donations” as in the case of former MP, Peter Penashue (Labrador) and (who is also now the former President of the Queen’s Privy Council), you unwillingly resign, and then run again (before the date is even been made official) in a by-election called by your bosom-buddy Stevie Wevie (who considers “Penashue to be Labrador’s best MP” – like…ever!).
Penashue is counting on the people of Labrador to be stupid… again.  Best of luck with that Penashue.
And according to someone called Peter McKay, who is apparently our Minister of National Defence, Penashue is guaranteed a seat back in the Conservative Cabinet.  McKay continued to put both his feet in his mouth during the same CBC interview when he stated that the people of Labrador will waste their vote and have no representation at all if someone other than Penashue wins. 
Sure, whatever ya say there Peter baby.
Unfortunately for Labrador and free-thinking Canadians everywhere, but good for Conservatives, even if Penashue loses, he will probably end up a Senator.  So much for ethical politics.
Right now I’d be thrilled if the Bloc Quebec won the goddamn Labrador by-election – anyone but a conservative.
To quasi-quote Bugs Bunny; ‘Conservatives don’t know Canadians too well do they?’
What the Conservatives fail to understand is that sixty percent of the voting public aren’t faithful to any political party.  That same percentage is more interested in who’s going to do the best job.  Occasionally we screw it up and… well… see what our lack of voter participation does?
The three main parties each have a solid core group and that’s where it stops, but we aren’t like others whose political guidelines run through family lines like moonshine; “cause yer Grand Papy, an his Great-Great Grand Papy were ‘publicans, an so I’s gonna be a ‘publican till I’s die, an so is you’s!”  (Feel free to replace "publican" with whatever political party you'd like.)
If you look back through the years of Canadian elections, when the sixty percent are fed up with whoever is running the carnival ride… well… we get rid of them in a blink of an eye.  I believe it’s called “doing a Mulroney”.
Low voter turnout is not just the result of Canadians becoming ‘dismayed’ with our political processes, it’s because we simply don’t like anyone, and so a lot of potential voters don’t bother to show up and vote.
But don’t kid yourselves people, EVERY FUCKING VOTE COUNTS! 
Is that clear enough for ya?
Don’t be sucked into believing Billy-Bob when he states that the votes don’t count! 
For example, Mr. and Ms. Voter each like different political parties, but they think voting is a waste of time since their votes will cancel each other out.  Mr. and Ms. Voter are out-to-lunch.  (This also works for Mr. and Mr. Voter and Ms. and Ms. Voter.)
All the votes count as they are collected and counted en mass.  It’s the final numbers that make the difference.  In Canada, we have many political parties to vote for and the votes are even more important since weird horrible things can happen – like voting in a Dictator. 
Once it’s done – it’s done.  Can’t go ‘oops’ and do it again. 
Unless the leader and the governing cabinet go completely haywire and do something drastic like start a war with China, there’s not much we can do but hope for a Confidence Vote in the House over a Budget for example.  This would work with a minority government – but not a majority government, as we can all see.
This is one of the downfalls of majority governments; if they are won by self-serving power hungry individuals, then you could have a serious problem.
Canada is having such a problem
Canadians need to change this detrimental inaction because it’s really beginning to cost us in ways we never expected from a federal government.  
And Mr. Harper, a word of advice, you might consider jumping of the Conservative bandwagon before the next election – you’re gonna lose.
Oh yes… you will lose.
Image Courtesy of the PMO Website
Publisher’s Note: Just for the record, neither I, nor the Global Free Press are associated or affiliated with, any political parties; religious factions; or NGO’s, anywhere, in any way, shape or form.  Period.  The Global Free Press couldn’t be what it is if that were the case.  For more about the reasoning behind this, please see the Standards and Policies and other stuff.

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