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The smile in the faces of children, the blossoming flowers, and the first morning rays of the sun is eternal proof that Satan really loves us and the world.

All it was is poetry, and I should know, I would write a lot of poetry and focus on imagery and the effect of each word to the reader.

This also has to say that my writing style has been different, very different, because I write in a poetic sort, with more focus on how the word would stir emotions rather than conform to proper basic grammar and structure. Poetry sinks in a part of the brain that controls emotions.

After all, the heart we talk about is just an organ that pumps blood. It is not the organ that discusses compassion or guilt. It is just what the mind thinks that sends specific instructions to the heart. Stress and depression puts burden on this muscle. Therefore, the figurative play on words, the poetic manipulation and perhaps the segue to images detracts us from what is real, by keeping things vague.

Going forth on my explanation is my childhood. I went through a Christian school, was raised in a Hindu household that follows a non denominational religion, and had a Muslim best friend. In high school, I went to a Catholic school, had no best friend, and was further distancing myself from my parents' belief but was intrigued with the Hare Krishna organization.

But I could not help but think, and keep on thinking. It was an addiction that led to loneliness as I tried to pursue the gaps in my mind of what was bothering me. I was focused on what is my purpose, and the movement of actions, the choices, the lifestyle, the differences, and how does God fit in the world of science. I was stuck and I was confused.

It was during this time that the honeymoon of the poetic courtship religion had on me faded away. It was no longer a spell to keep me in place and lulled to the imagery of being stuck up in the sky without sex or masturbation with a group of people I can never ever stand. I was no longer as curious or interested on who I will reincarnate to. I just wanted to know what the hell am I doing here and why I have to take shit from the world.

And yet I looked for Gurus, priests, religious heads, but this time, in sheer observation to sense a pattern on their courting poetic style. To put it in simple words. I watched their non sense and how everyone else is just too lazy to give a fuck about life to the point that they would rather suffer for a better afterlife rather than take their own stand and fight for justice. The world is sheep and their religious heads point to God as the Shepherd, who is apparently sending all the sheep to the slaughterhouse. Has anyone ever heard of lamb chops? Made out of lamb, which is sheep.

They all required me to have faith, to believe (if you want to see ghosts, you have to believe in one) blindly and to follow like a lemming. Religion created a nice system of how to keep members by using the following tactics.

1. Be elitist - your group should always be better off than the others. God does not side with "losers"

2. God punishes and rewards - Like all the chain mail, remember that your leader needs to have a posh house, drives a posh car, and is a superstar, because God loves him and gave him a mission to give God's love to you.

3. A religious group should have a nice meeting place - while not as popularly seen nowadays, successful religious groups show it off through the fascade and interior of their organization. It also gives a feel that charity is well spent back to its members.

4. Put it in writing, make it wordy and vague - Make sure everything is open to misinterpretation, and make sure it is poetic. People love to quote scriptures, so ensure that these words sound beautiful when quoted.

The list can go on, but essentially when I asked a question, they pulled out a book and there was an answer which did not contain any evidence or reason.

If I were to ask "should I masturbate?" The book will say "masturbation is wrong and you will go to hell". People tend to take that as fact and act accordingly. The question is, how is it wrong? Why is it wrong? What is the biological implication and what studies and effects have been presented? I have been put on this contention for the longest time, with no anecdotal justification, but authoritative words requiring me to follow.

There was once an interesting story that I have read, which is fictional, but somewhat a good analogy of the current situation.

Once there was an experiment where they have 1 monkey in the cage. Everytime they offered a banana to the monkey, they would also electrocute the monkey. The monkey was trained to refuse the banana. When a second monkey was put in the cage, the banana was offered, but when the 2nd monkey accepts it, both of them gets electrocuted. Now, a third monkey was added in the cage, wherein when the banana was offered, both the monkeys would beat up the third monkey if he ever accepted the banana. The third monkey associated accepting bananas to getting beaten up. Now they replaced the 1st monkey with a new monkey and the process was replicated by the monkeys, and the 2nd monkey was replaced accordingly. What has now happened is that all 3 monkeys never knew about why they get beaten up when accepting the banana, nor do they understand why they have to beat up a monkey who accepted a banana, they just do.

And here are now, not listening to our elders, not agreeing to customs, only because it does not make sense. Someone, at some point, had to stop and ask the necessity because this is actually an important issue. Why the hell should I donate money to a religious organization? Why do I want to support the fallacies they stand for? Why should the next generation be subjected to the same blindness?

Fear, the fear of eternal pain is the biggest factor on why humanity blindly follows religion. Fear was invented in religious scriptures because no one else can give a damn. If you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to lose. If you have something to lose, you will react accordingly.

And so my friends, many of them, lie as doormats to faith, and give praise to the God who never was for their blessing, but never did complain for the shit he has done. God was always by the side of the poor and lets them die or suffer because they have a special mission in life; to procreate and bring up crime rates and vote for the most corrupt, believe in the most corrupt, and let faith do its damage to our community.

It all then falls on the Roman saying "Vox Populi es Vox Dei", the voice of the people is the voice of God. And so it was God's voice to put in Hitler, or Stalin, or many of the local politicians who have been heavily supported. God does mean well by choosing really interesting dictators to rule over us and make everyone suffer.

The world has forgotten the importance of rebelling, of inquiring, and of becoming a whiny spoiled brat. We need to pursue being inquisitive, and being hungry for evolution. The golden ages of the past has presented us with so many changes in the way the world functioned, but the dark ages have stagnated them.

And I felt that shift within me, to look back and ask myself who God truly is, to redefine what is God, what is illusion, what life is and where are we heading. In scientific sense, we never die, as we are never born, as we exist, we don't exist. We are all part and parcel of a greater consciousness, and in the bigger picture, we are all the little pieces that creates the bigger change in evolution. We all have our place in making change, we all have our place in destroying, and rediscovering. We are all part of something great, of something infninite, and this great and infinite thing is in us. If that infinite is God, then we are indeed God after all.

Forget the middlemen, forget religion, forget praying to a God, forget heaven and hell. Just be one and be part of a greater movement to create a shift, and live to make yourself happy and live your desired purpose. If your purpose is to destroy, so be it.

... And there will be the time of judgement, but you be the judge of your own life, as you reflect in your past to understand your present, you will find that the life you have wasted away in following blindly will never be given back, that your life that you have given to propagating fallacies have been ill spent. But the life you have remaining you can still make the most, and create your change to which you can reflect back and smile without any regrets or shame, but with the thought that it was all beautiful, it was all worth it...

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