Sunday, 23 December 2012 00:00 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
God's power rests in the weakness of men, in their blind belief and ignorance. Once man realizes his potential, understands that all resides in evidence, and life is on enlightenmentl; will be the demise and end of the god and his agents as we all know them.

God has always used wars to prove his point, but one does not kill god with wars, one kills god with enlightenment. One kills god with realization of his very real character and power. The concept of god as we all know, the creator, the mass murderer, and overall terrible guy has to be brought forth and revealed if we want people to realize what world we can live in without the existence of god.

Once god is eliminated from the equation, the usual scenario brought up is "what world will we live in if no one believes in god?". I pretty much would have to say "a better one".

Imagine not having to squander money on religious wars, and having saved all those lives killed in wars. We are talking about 809 million people killed (approximately) due to religious wars (before anyone complain and say that they do not believe that many were killed by Christians and Muslims, please be reminded that there are other beliefs too).

Reality is, for every day god exists, people die in his name.

We also get to save money from religious organizations who love to squander them. Religious heads love to invest in humongous white elephants known as religious institutions, and love to come up with excessively useless spaces for people to visit and worship. Such money could still be used to building other wonders; wonders that can, in fact, be beneficial to the community (such as museums, laboratories, and brothels).

Imagine the time we get to save from having to go to the sunday morning worship. For every person who goes to worship, he gives up 3 hours a week, or 18 productive working days of his own life per year. In a lifetime of 80 years, that would be 4 years worth.

If we wanted to replace mandatory worship on a sunday morning with something else mandatory, we can have mandatory community service. People can choose to either plant trees, clean the park, teach children art, do performance arts, and other fun yet productive activities that can either benefit oneself or help the communities. With approximately 4 billion productive believers, that would be 8 billion working hours per week that could have gone through the pursuit of self benefit or social service, or expression of arts.

Rather than praying, people will be more productive doing something about their problem. There will be lesser belief in ghosts, which means we will have more productive institutions and better real estagte (not saying it will completely eliminate belief in ghosts, but it is a start).

We will have lesser laws drafted in the name of god, we will have lesser people victimized because they presumed that ones morality is based on belief of god. Instead, we will have people who will learn to draft laws that focus on the benefit of society and the preservation of rights, and people will be more focused on investigating further on another party rather than putting blind faith on their character.

We will have less judging of morals, and more understanding of ones actions.

We will have lesser cowards, lesser bullies.

Come to think about it. Society will be better off when god ceases to exist.

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