The Godless Heathen

Saturday, 02 February 2013 20:24 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
Satanism and Open Mindedness - I usually keep my philosophy to myself when in public. When asked, I simply tell them that I am an atheist who also follows Shaivite and Satanic philosophies. I see the surprised look in their face, and do my best to explain things in its simplest form (which is mostly focused on our view of love and the universe). This has helped me avoid debates that are typically a waste of time.

Why do I avoid debates? Simply put, debating to a religious person is a waste of time. I followed the Satanic philosophy because I was open to explore different things and concepts. I was open enough to change my mind and accept if my understanding of anything is wrong. I am open to accepting I am wrong from anyone, provided they give me a very good logical support.

The above has also helped me shape my insight on conversations and negotiations. I first listen to the other party, understand their position, and present mine; from there, we find out what is right, and not who is right.

We usually do not become Satanists because we were recruited into Satanism, or because we are elitists. I do not know of any Satanists in my location, neither do I know of any Satanic meet ups. I see it as a philosophy and live by its core concept.

There are no laws that we really have to abide by, there are no requests for donation as well. By living the philosophy, you're on your own. If you need to get ideas, you have to seek your own; you can go to forums, read around, but you're on your own.

This topic is about open mindedness and Satanism; what does it have to do between the two?

Satanism is a path people choose to take to reach enlightenment as well. We discover things, we do not repress our primal nature, and we are willing to learn and change our mind. Open mindedness is the most important value because being right is not what we're after; we want to know what is right.

I go through some of the comments on our page from non Satanists who insist that we have to believe that a real devil exist, and that he does whatever the bible says. We are not bound by their rules, we are not bound by specific conditions. We are just who we are, learning as we want to learn. Many of us are Satanists by its philosophy, and do not wear any marking accordingly. Some religious people seem to find this strange, for they are used to having something to wear to identify themselves from the rest, to follow the stereotype and follow rules to the dot (even if it is grossly misinterpreted).

I do not even understand what are they doing on our page if they have no damn intention of understanding what Satanism is. Open mindedness is to be curious and understand what makes the other person who they are. Being the person who posts criticism that are grossly misinformed because they live by their scriptures; sorry, they're a waste of time.

As they enter the page, they are an arrogant little sheep from their herd entering the lion's den. Their comment will get shredded to pieces, but their closed mindedness will make them think that they are doing us a favor.

In any event, it is best not to have to debate about anything unless the other person is also interested in understanding. We go on living with our curious mind, discovering everything, questioning everything, and making the most out of whatever time we have here.

Image: The inhabitants of the polar region worship heathen gods - Not even the extreme areas of the North have been spared from ungodly goings-on and the adoration of the Devil—the savages of these climes request the aid of false heathen gods, even in insignificant matters. By giving thank offerings, they worship the shining sun the whole summer through, but they also give homage to the moon, whose light they use to their advantage during the winter. These peoples of the Arctic Circle are led astray by evil spirits in a delusion even more ludicrous. With the most fervent prayers and distinctive cult practices, they worship a red strip of cloth attached to a pole or spear. Because its red colour is reminiscent of the blood of animals, they fancy that there is divine power in the material. By gazing on this cloth, they believe they will obtain good fortune in stalking wild animals, whose blood they imbibe. -

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