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According to my definition, all the 195 or so countries on Mother Earth are corrupt and racist. Yes, even racist, though that racism may have a different name, and may be expressed and practised in a different form in each country.

So all I have to explain is why I put Norway on the top of this long list of 195 corrupt states that adorn our nascent Global Village like 195 pockmarks. I do so by comparing two countries I know the best - India and Norway.

As everybody knows, there is a lot of corruption and even racism in India, though that racism has a different name and is practiced in a different form. But if there is corruption and racism in India, at least you can stand on your roof-top and scream and shout that India is corrupt.

You can abuse Gandhi, Nehru, or any other minister of your choice to your heart's content, and nothing will happen to you. You can go to a lawyer or newspaper with your grievance, and with great pride and fearlessness, they will do whatever they can for you, sometimes, though not always, with success.

This brings us full circle. If everyone knows that India is corrupt and racist, it is because anyone can say that openly without fear of reprisals.

Now compare this with Norway. I know what I am saying because I have lived here almost 30 years and let me assure my bold and intelligent readers that this is not "petty gossip" (to use Cardinal Angelo Sodano's words).

If anybody says that Norway is corrupt and racist even in his dreams, seven generations of his family are taught a lesson. And if you go to a lawyer or newspaper with a genuine grievance, which means a grievance not pre-approved by the state, lawyers and editors scuttle for their lives, begging or threatening you to withdraw your complaint. I have reasons to say that Norwegian judges have secret instructions from the state not to let anybody win a racism-case exactly as every Catholic Church had secret instructions from the Vatican not to report child-abuse cases to the police. The truth will come out one day, like the Vatican's Truth.

I cannot imagine the US or UK minority-integration ministers saying that there is no racism in their country. In fact, I have heard them admitting openly that a lot needs be done in that direction. In sharp contrast, one Norwegian minister after another has stood up and declared categorically that there is no racism in Norway. And how do they prove this? By illegal mechanisms of fear and terror in-built in the system like the following:

In every "seminar" that I have attended in Norway, the chairperson inaugurates the "seminar" with a broad smile and very friendly advice,

“Be very careful about what you say or do. Norway is a very small country and words spread very quickly."

Even the mafia does not open a conversation with such veiled threats unless there is a reason for it.

For thirty years I have been constantly on the receiving end of this "friendly advice", so it is payback time for me.

“Now the world has become even smaller than Norway, and words spread ever faster. So be very careful, Norway."

This brings us another full circle. Everybody calls Norway a “Perfect Paradise" for exactly the same reason that every Russian called Stalin a "Perfect Leader” - he simply wouldn't let anybody call him anything else. Forgetting Stalin and coming to today's world, Norway appears "Very Holy" for the same reason that the Church and the Vatican have appeared "Very Holy" - by hiding crimes and forcing everybody, including the media, to remain silent. Time has come to address the "Norwegian Problem" exactly as some courageous people are addressing the "Catholic Church Problem" and the "Vatican Problem".

Norway and the Vatican have uncanny similarities. Both are small states, both wield power out of proportion to their size, and both have a track-record of hiding crimes by silencing everybody including the media. So the solution for both problems will also be the same: More truth and transparency instead of lies, terror, and ever-increasing victimization of the victims.

Now back to the difference between India and Norway. It reminds me of a story written 500 years ago.

One day, 500 years ago, Emperor Akbar, the Great, was sitting in the garden with his queen, eating mangoes. To make himself appear a "Civilized Son of Timur" and the queen a "Barbaric Hindu debauch" he would throw the seed of the mangos to the queen's side. When his prime minister, Birbal, arrived he shouted with glee, “Look Birbal, how many mangoes the shameless and manner-less queen has eaten!"

Birbal replied nonchalantly, “Your Majesty, the barbaric and uncivilized queen is just eating mangoes. Your Civilized Highness is gulping down even the seeds."

Actually this "primitive story" of 1500 AD has described very well the point I am trying to make in 2010 in so many modern and unwieldy words while "swinging" in the "most civilized garden" on earth. But it requires some imagination to see this.

Imagination, did I really say imagination? If I did, that opens a Pandora’s Box because the story illustrates a couple of things not immediately visible to the two naked eyes. Some things can be seen only with the “third eye" in the middle of the forehead, the "inner eye of imagination" so important in Indian culture. And it is this very "third eye" that 21st century writers are losing slowly.

More than its universality, this story demonstrates the unique power of fiction to imagine anything, totally free from the baggage of rules and regulations. In mathematics and physics it is an anathema to imagine things unless they obey very tight rules. But even "more flexible" subjects like philosophy and psychology do not have this power. And to imagine anything includes imagining and anticipating the future. This and this alone, is the unique power of fiction.

Unfortunately, present day writers seem to have lost this power. They are satisfied with being the long-arm of reporters, adding a few exotic words from the Oxford Dictionary to the simple and factual reporting of journalists. Their "third eye" looks only towards Hollywood, not towards the future where it should be looking. That explains why people are losing interest in fiction. Writers don't say anything that reporters haven't already said or Hollywood is not capable of saying. Reporters are not supposed to use their "third eye" because they are supposed to describe accurately what they see with their two eyes, but writers are supposed to - that is why they are writers in the first place.

Finally, about my "predictions"...

As I "predicted" in my last article on this very website "All Is Not Quiet On the Eastern Front”, the child-abuse storm has landed on the coast of Norway. Since yesterday Norway is in turmoil after Bishop Georg Muller from Trondheim was exposed as a child-abuser. New allegations are surfacing by the hour exactly as I had "predicted" a few days ago.

If my "predictions" about the same thing happening in India are not materializing (except for one isolated case of Rev Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul from Tamil Nadu) it is because the legal system of India (like that of most developing countries) is very weak and unfair and it is always the victim that ends up being punished and destroyed. One day this will change and then my predictions will come out to be true.

Finally I allege that no Asian woman in Norway can get a PhD from any of the four Norwegian universities unless she agrees to multiple rapes by her "multiple guides". I publicly appeal to all investigative reporters on earth to investigate this. Sitting unemployed and outcaste in my bedroom for decades, I am not in a position to prove it, but this is the next ugly storm that is heading towards Paradise.

Soon on the seventeenth of May, Norway will be celebrating its National Day. At least one guy in Norway (as always, it has to be me) sees nothing to celebrate.

May in Norway will become days of penance and soul-searching rather than days of celebration. This is not just my blood-curling scream from my dingy bedroom but also the first faint echoes from my friend, the future, about which I want to sing forever and ever.

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