Thursday, 10 December 2015 16:01 GFP Columnist - G. Tod Slone
Sadly the New York Times has been accelerating into the abyss of All the News That’s Fit for Left-Wing Ideologues.  As a dissident writer and cartoonist, my creative mill demands the absurd and inane, which is why I consult that newspaper every day.  So, I had a strong feeling one of its op-eds, “Diversity Makes You Brighter,” written by two professors, Sheen S. Levine and David Stark, would border on vacuity, which is why I read through it… several times.

First, what we are really dealing with today is FORCED diversity—social engineering and indoctrination, whether you, dear citizen, like it or not—, as opposed to educational immersion in foreign cultures, which many students voluntarily seek to experience.  In the op-ed, the two professors fail to mention how their “experiments” in diversity might have been performed in accord with the precepts of scientific statistical analysis.

They fail to mention how many subjects were included in the “experiments” (a sufficient number to extrapolate?) and how they possibly determined that the Joe White subjects were intellectually equal to the Joe Black subjects… and how they managed to conclude that a group of all Joe Whites was inferior in learning capacity to a mixed group of Joe Whites and Joe Blacks.  It all sounds insane, n’est-ce pas?  In fact, to produce valid scientific evidence from such a subjective concern as diversity would seem highly unlikely.  How could the two professors not realize that?  Were their conclusions pre-determined?

Multiculti-diversity ideology (the very antithesis of reason and reality), which the professors are clearly “pushing,” has become the fundament of politically-correct indoctrination on college campuses throughout America (and Canada and Europe) today.  Sadly, it has been increasingly supplanting freedom of speech and vigorous debate, democracy’s very cornerstones.  In fact, what good is diversity, if it serves to quell the latter (e.g., speaker disinvitations, speech codes, microaggressions, lists of prohibited vocabulary, and trigger warnings)?  If the two professors were not serving as shills of PC-indoctrination, they would at least have posed that critical question.

The prime egregious faults in the op-ed, besides the lack of proof of scientific objectivity, include the failure to mention the “diversity” uprisings on college campuses (Smith, Missou, Yale, Brown) occurring recently, if not presently, and the failure to mention that others have suggested that opening university doors to unqualified minorities can actually end up hurting those very minorities.  Evidently, if a minority has trouble reading and writing, for example, and is suddenly put in a situation with others who do not have such trouble, that minority might very well end up, not “brighter,” but with anxiety, anger, and failure.  Moreover, it seems the huge “push” for diversity has been resulting in campus anti-white racism (under the guise of “white privilege”) and purposeful minority apartheid (i.e., whites not allowed).  How do those things make one “brighter”?  Ill-preparation can also result in disruptive behavior and chaos.   

The two professors conclude that “Ethnic diversity is like fresh air: It benefits everybody who experiences it.  By disrupting conformity it produces a public good.”  Always, I tell my students to avoid the term EVERYBODY because examples that do not conform almost always exist.  Concluding “everybody” is akin to Obama’s wishful conclusions that “the folks” always think as he does. 

Finally, diversity sure did not benefit me when I experienced it in Baton Rouge one Sunday morning when three black racists robbed and beat me.  The local newspaper, The Advocate, refused to even report on the incident.  I am white.  Sure, the “public good” could be interpreted as the financial gain (i.e., the $1000 Walmart shopping spree on my stolen credit card) of the three black racists.  Hmm.  Are we permitted to state that black racism might actually exist?


*As an example (and many such examples sadly exist today), Thaddeus Pryor, a student, was recently suspended and banned from Colorado College for two years because of his social-media reply to “#blackwomenmatter.”  He’d written:  “They matter, they’re just not hot.”

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