Sunday, 07 April 2013 00:00 GFP Columnist - J. D. Longstreet
Twenty-eight(?) year old Kim Jong Un, North Korea's "leader" has very nearly talked himself into a corner.  A corner that may well destroy what is left of North Korea, or as they refer to their country:  The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea ... The DPRK.

Kim has blustered and played the role of a spoiled brat in the grip of a monumental tantrum on the world's stage for months now.  He has baited South Korea and the US and managed to "PO" China, his only real ally in the region.  China has recently moved troops up to the border of North Korea, ostensibly to stop an expected flood of North Korean refugees from fleeing into China seeking refuge from American and South Korea bombs and missiles.

The latest threats out of the "Hermit Kingdom," as of the morning of April 4th, 2012, is to strike the US mainland with nuclear missiles, which North Korean troops moved to North Korea's Eastern Border in a show of preparation.

I have been analyzing, as best I can, US troops, ships, aircraft, and sundry war fighting materiel movements, and I see a plan of action developing.  At least I THINK I do.  

It seems to me the US and South Korea ARE planning to strike North Korea at the first North Koran slip-up.  Something as small as, oh, say -- a border skirmish, a firefight between troops of the Koreas.  Whatever it is, whenever it occurs, the dogs of war will be unleashed and all hell will break loose for North Korea.

I expect the US/South Korean forces to take out North Koreas command and control enters instantly, in the twinkling of an eye. North Koreas nuclear plants and all nuclear facilities north of the 38th parallel, will be destroyed completely.  Military -- high command -- headquarters will be flattened. Bunkers will be destroyed by those US bunker buster bombs.  Every missile emplacement in North Korea will be sought out and destroyed. Those mobile missiles mounted on trucks will be hunted down by drones firing hellfire missiles and they, too, will be destroyed.  

There is a better than even chance that the cream of North Korea's military leadership will be killed in the first few minutes of the attack.

Those are just a few of the things one can expect in the first few minutes of the first wave of attacks.

Oh, just so our friend in the Middle East doesn't feel left out, our forces surrounding Iran will be on high alert ready to take care of business should Iran see this as an opportune moment to "kick outside the traces" and stir up trouble to "divide" America's attention.

North Korea will be no pushover, but it will be crushed.  With the world's fourth largest military, including  the world's largest special operations force, North Korea has a substantial military with 1,700 planes, 800 ships, and 4,000 tanks.  It also has one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world -- and -- it has nuclear weapons.

Not much is reported on the South Korean military.  But, I must tell you, I have great respect for the ROK military -- Army, Navy, and Air Force. (ROK = Republic of Korea) 

Little known is the fact that the Republic of Korea Army is one of the largest standing armies in the world and one of the best trained and equipped -- and experienced with a reported personnel strength of 3,539,000 in 2012 (639,000 active force and 2,900,000 regular reserve), and additional 300,000 paramilitary. They can -- and they WILL --  stand and fight!

ROK forces have fought in the Korean War (1950-1953), the Vietnam War (1964-1973), the Persian Gulf War (1991), the War in Afghanistan (2001-present), and the Iraq War (2003-2008). 

They don't brag and they don't bluster -- they FIGHT.  Even without US backing, North Koreawould have a hell of a time handling their cousins to the south in an all out war. 

South Korea's cities have been planning since the 1950's to create havoc for an invading army from the north.  For instance all bridges and traffic viaducts are mined and will be blown up and dropped to ground level immediately to stop or, at least, delay North Korean armor such as tanks, APC's, towed artillery,  etc., from advancing southward.  And that is just one of the preparations the South Koreans have made.  There is more -- much more.

God help "Little Kim" if Japan is dragged into his fray. The Japanese Self Defense Forces  numbered 239,430 in 2005 with 147,737 in the Ground Self-Defense Force, 44,327 in the Maritime Self-Defense Force, 45,517 in the Air Self-Defense Force, and 1,849 in the Joint Staff Office. Reserves numbered 57,899. 
Japanese law states that ground, maritime, and air forces are to preserve the peace and independence of the nation and to maintain national security by conducting operations on land, at sea, and in the air to defend the nation against direct and indirect aggression.  In cases of limited and small-scale attack, Japanese forces will respond promptly to control the situation. If enemy forces attacked in greater strength than Japan can counter alone, the JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Forces) will engage the attacker until the United States can come to its aid. Against nuclear threat, Japan would rely on the nuclear deterrence of the United States. To accomplish its missions, the SDF would maintain surveillance, be prepared to respond to direct and indirect attacks, be capable of providing command, communication, logistics, and training support, and be available to aid in disaster relief.

If the modern Japanese warrior has even a small percentage of the warrior spirit of his grandfather and great grandfather, he is one hell of a soldier. Frankly, I suspect that he does.

Kim should understand that US plans for the total destruction of his country were laid out many decades ago and updated as necessary since.  If he is foolish enough to attack, there will be no delay in a counter attack by US and South Korean forces.  It will be immediate and awesome.

If North Korea is stupid enough to launch a nuclear attack on America. American territories, or any of America bases around the world, it would be suicide for his country.

Given that North Korea has been such a thorn in the flesh to the US, South Korea, Japan, and indeed, the world for so long now, I would not be surprised if a war with North Korea would be fought until North Korea sues for peace and offers an unconditional surrender.

The time, and the opportunity, may have come to rid the world of the malignancy of the DPRK.  

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