Monday, 01 September 2014 00:00 GFP Columnist - Jack Random
Governor Chris Christie
State of New Jersey

Dear Governor: 

My Republican friends wrote you off when you shook the hand of our president and welcomed federal aid in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  I replied:  He just made himself the leading contender for 2016. 

They saw you as a turncoat.  I saw you for what you are:  A shrewd operator, an opportunist, a slick politico and a powerful enemy of the working folk you pretend to represent.  You are a corporate Republican.  You are radically anti-labor and your empathy for the poor and needy begins and ends with sympathetic words and well-timed hugs for the television cameras.  You are a gifted politician. 

At a time when your party was demanding severe budget cuts, you secured ample funding to rebuild homes, buildings, structures and lives destroyed by the hurricane but how you used that funding remains shrouded in mystery.  The common folk who needed your help most are still waiting. 

Maybe you’d like to know how people voted before handing out assistance.  Whether the scandal regarding the partial bridge closure that served to punish a New Jersey city whose mayor refused to back you in the recent election, can be traced directly to your hands or not, we have begun to see how you operate.  The more we see, the less appealing you will become. 

You are far from the second coming of Teddy Roosevelt (as some would suggest).  You more resemble the second coming Warren G. Harding. 

Jack Random

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