The Leaders Letter Series: The Honorable Sherrod Brown

Saturday, 01 November 2014 00:00 GFP Columnist - Jack Random
The Honorable Sherrod Brown
United States Senator for the State of Ohio

Dear Senator: 

When you won reelection to the United States Senate from the critical state of Ohio, you instantly became a candidate for the presidency.  From a progressive perspective no one is stronger on trade policy or labor rights than you. 

You were a primary target of the Karl Rove hit machine, the Chamber of Commerce and every major corporate interest in the nation.  They deployed every dirty trick in the Rovian handbook, yet they failed miserably to stop you in Ohio.  Do you think they might be afraid to take you on nationally? 

You opposed the Iraq War from its inception even when all around you yielded to post 911 madness.  You have called for full withdrawal from the long war in Afghanistan.  You have been a voice of reason and restraint in our dealings with foreign adversaries.  The time has come to reward a political leader for demonstrating the courage of his conviction and being on the right side of history. 

Most politicians have to reinvent themselves to make a run at the White House but you were a populist before populism was popular.  Check the record:  Fair Trade, Fair Wages, Minimum Wage, Labor Rights, Income Inequality, on and on.  You were among the first to speak out and you have never wavered. 

Run, Sherrod, Run!

Most Sincerely,
Jack Random

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