Global Warming?

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 20:52 Sage Thyme GFP Columnist - Sage Thyme
Some of you will remember the early ’70s when it was Global Cooling caused in part by aerosols (hair spray). Yes, I know it’s now called Climate Change.

The real question is, “Is it my fault?”.  Mea culpa.  At one time I smoked a pipe, drove a large gasoline guzzling car and had real wood-fired barbeques in the back yard. 

On the other hand I didn’t start the volcanoes spewing smoke and ash.  It’s not my cows that seem to continue converting grass into gas that heads straight for the atmosphere.

In any event, it seems to me pompous delusion to presume that even all of us together could possibly effectively alter the course of climate history.  If you’ve ever seen the strata in a cliff where the dramatic upheaval  of earth illustrates the history of change caused by... whom or what,  then it’s difficult to imagine being the culprit.

Yes, there has been change.  There will continue to be change.  If we really think that the oceans will rise, don’t build your home on the sand.  Where have I read that?  Don’t build on the side of a hill where rains will wash it down if the hillside fires don’t get it first.  And do not commit government (our) money to rebuild them,  only to have them taken down again.  And do not continue to build bigger dikes or  rebuild cities already below sea level.  Think New Orleans.

If you still want to know what was happening in the 70s, here’s an example . Along with dozens of experts, the most trusted man in the news, Walter Cronkite seemed to agree that “That’s the way it is.” Will climate change?  Of course. 

Don’t blame me or yourself.  Prepare for it, or withhold comment.  Yes climate will change. But which do you believe?  Will it be global cooling or will it be Global Warming? Think About It.

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