Thursday, 18 January 2007 20:00 Connie Fogal

The execution of Saddam Hussein is a failure of social justice and of democracy. No developed civilized society imposes the death penalty. World leaders who are just condemn the execution.

On December 30, 2006, Cardinal Renato Martina, representative for the Vatican on questions of justice, said the execution of Saddam Hussein is punishing crime with another crime. Further he said: "La peine de mort n'est pas une mort naturelle. Et personne ne doit donner la mort, pas meme l'Etat."

Romano Prodi, président du Conseil italian Counsel, a dit "Aucune faute ne peut déterminer un homme à se faire le porteur de mort d`un autre homme."

José Luis Rodriguez, Premier ministre espagnol a dit, " Je ne défendre jamais le principe de la peine de mort, meme pour le pire des politiciens " (I never defend the death penalty, even for the worst politicians.")

The hanging of Saddam Hussein by the USA -installed Iraquian puppet government is a public relations effort to legitimate the U.S.A.'s illegal invasion of Iraq. Neither the invasion nor this execution have anything to do with democracy for Iraq, but rather everything to do with justifying the USA's conquest of the geopolitical control over the middle east along with the control of Iraq's water and oil. It is common knowledge that whoever controls Iraq has the key to control of the Middle East and its resources.

The execution of Saddam Hussein is an operational disguise and cover up of the corporacratic creed in process- huge profits, promotions, raises for the corporations and their employees, i.e., the US corporations who rushed in with infrastructure and industrial programs after the destruction of the invasion- engineering and construction companies, computer system suppliers, aircraft, missile and tank manufacturers, pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Because Saddam Hussein would not submit Iraq to the global empire, and because he avoided assassination, Iraq was invaded. Invasion is the third phase of what John Perkins, a self proclaimed economic hit man (EHM), calls the drive to effect the global empire. Saddam's "crime" was his refusal to submit to the "corporatocracy". This name was coined by John Perkins, in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, as the collective name for the forces of power that are the global empire builders-- corporations, banks, and governments who use their political and financial muscle to satisfy their greed.

Perkins defines Economic Hit Men as the people who are paid outrageous salaries to do the bidding of the corporatocracy. He describes them as an elite group who use international financial organizations to foment conditions that make other nations subservient to the corporatocracy running the U.S.’s biggest corporations, the U.S. government and the U.S. banks.

Comparing them to the mafia, he exposes the favors used to impose the will of the corporatocracy- massive loans for infrastructure which are impossible to pay back along with a condition that U.S. engineering and construction companies get the contracts to build the projects.

Perkins points out that most of the money never leaves the U.S.A., but rather is transferred from banking offices in Washington to engineering offices in New York, Houston or San Francisco, while leaving the recipient country to pay back the full debt, principal and interest.

When the debtor eventually and inevitably defaults, the debtor is required to submit to the demands of the corporatocracy, i.e., control over United Nations votes, or installation of military bases, or surrender of precious resources like oil or water.

Iraq under Saddam Hussein had enough oil, water, and geopolitical power to thumb its nose at the corporatocracy and its advancing global empire. This “finger” was Saddam’s “sin” for which he was hanged.

John Perkins lists the three phased attack conducted by the corporatocracy. First, the Economic Hit Men go in. If they fail, the “jackals” go in to assassinate as phase two. If assassination fails, phase three is implemented- a military attack.

The hanging of Saddam Hussein could be called phase four of the drive to advance the global empire. It is the white wash of Orwellian double speak.

That is, a crime against morality is committed and called an act of democracy.

Connie Fogal

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