Sunday, 11 May 2008 20:00

Gordon Brown’s satraps should go back to their natural environment underneath rocks rather than attack Frank Field for illustrating his consistent support for those in poverty and their willingness to undermine the low paid for positive headlines. It is obvious that Mr Field and those associated with him wished for the government to get its act together and indicate without equivocation that the income tax increase on five million low-income people would not stand.

This is why they halted their rebellion some days before the Local Elections. What the Chancellor then issued was totally unsatisfactory. The only point the Chancellor made clear was that many people would not be compensated and those who were might not find it backdated to the start of the financial year.

Given the lack of clarity from the Government it is correct that those who actually care about this issue need to keep up the pressure since it could be November before the picture is fully fleshed out. People on low incomes cannot plan on the basis of an unclear promise nor can they pay a utility bill with a nod and a wink from Gordon and Co. 

As things stand the obvious conclusion must be that the majority of the Labour Party is comfortable with increasing the rate of income tax on some of those least able to afford it. Given this state of affairs, the black propaganda and briefing against Frank Field is evidence that a smear campaign against an individual who has assiduously worked against poverty for a generation is more natural to New Labour than a policy change to aid those on low incomes.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Chris Lenton, 
Liverpool Liberal Party.

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