Sunday, 08 March 2009 19:00 Cllr Steve Radford Letters

Reuters: Anti-War Demonstrator in LondonAt Anti-War Demo - Rather than condemn the anti war demonstrators for their distasteful display , the best response we could all do is to celebrate it!

The greatest freedom we have in our country (with the exception of Councillors who are subject to the kangaroo courts of the Standards Board) is the freedom to express our views, however distasteful they are to others.


The minority muslim group should be reminded these freedoms have been fought for by the very troops they seek to demean.

 In this country we celebrate religious and political dissents are not subject to harassment, imprisonment and torture for their beliefs.

In fact, the demonstrators have the right to use another great freedom of this country, the freedom to leave and live in a muslim theocratic dictatorship of their choice.

They fact they chooce to express their views here, is itself a statement of the strength of our democracy and liberty and we should celebrate it, concepts alien to fundamentalists everywhere.

Cllr Steve Radford
Leader Liberal Party Group - Liverpool

Image Courtesy of Reuters: Anti-War Demonstrator in London

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