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Sunday, 01 March 2015 17:38 Sel Graham Editorial Dept - Science
Will Rogers said, "Everyone is ignorant; just on different subjects."  What others don't know can and does hurt you. -  Everyone seems ignorant (1) that "The oil price" seen and heard in the media is, in fact, the guess of Wall Street speculators (gamblers) on the New York Mercantile Exchange on the commodity price of a small amount of oil six months in the future; (2) that there is a foreign oil price and a U.S. oil price that is never found in the media but on obscure websites of the Energy Information Administration; (3) that in 2008, the Presidential election year, the foreign oil price decreased a total of $87.34 per barrel during the last half of the year, then increased in 2009; and (4) that foreign oil prices decreased in 2014 from June through October, before the election.  

Because of this quadruple ignorance, in June some unidentified Wall Street gamblers made the worst guess of 2014, that the price of oil in December would be $106 per barrel.  In attempting to correct this blunder, the gamblers became like lemmings in guessing lower and lower. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 15:24 J. D. Longstreet Editorial Dept - Science
I read an article recently that would-be space pioneers are signing up in droves to be the first humans to rocket to Mars - and remain there for the rest of their lives.  No round trip, and no way back later, either.  At last count over 30,000 US citizen had already signed up to go, well, APPLIED for a seat on the ship to Mars.

When the vetting process is finished only four people will be chosen to go - two men and two women.

Understand:  This is a ONE-WAY-TRIP... period.  There ain't no coming back to ole Mother Earth.

Consider this from - "It’s not certain if it’s a mark of how miserable people are feeling about life on terra firma, or an indication of just how far people are prepared to go to satiate their appetite for adventure (possibly a mixture of the two?), but 100,000+ applications for a one-way ticket to Mars is an impressive figure in anyone’s book.

Sunday, 19 February 2012 00:00 Jennett Meriden Russell Editorial Dept - Science

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 00:00 Jennett Meriden Russell Editorial Dept - Science

Friday, 08 October 2010 00:00 Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. and Niger Innis Editorial Dept - Science

Attacks on coal-mining and use would trample on hopes, progress, living standards and lives - Are these people crazy? Are they so disconnected from reality that they don’t understand how vital coal is to jobs, living standards, civil rights progress and life itself?

How else can anyone react to a new environmentalist campaign to erect black crosses at coal mines and coal-fired power plants, to symbolize their opposition to this vital energy source? The Black Cross Alliance (BCA) is little more than another sordid campaign against affordable energy, especially hydrocarbons. Its policies are misguided at best, harmful and even lethal at worst.

When we see the Black Crosses, we need to remember the blessings of coal-based electricity: the economic uplift, the enhanced quality of life it provides for millions of working class Americans of every color. When we think of groups like the Black Cross Alliance and their undue influence over energy and economic policy, we need to remember the pain of rising unemployment and poverty in America. We need to remember the needless deaths of millions every year in the mostly black and brown developing world, due to radical environmentalist campaigns against energy and economic development. 

Thursday, 01 April 2010 00:00 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Editorial Dept - Science

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation today welcomed the announcement of a new treaty to replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) between the United States and Russia.

While exact details of the new agreement are not yet known, it is reassuring to see that the two countries are moving ahead with nuclear reductions after years of no progress.

However, two major obstacles remain to full cooperation between the two countries on nuclear disarmament. First, the two sides still strongly disagree on the US missile defense plans, which would put missiles and radar installations close to the Russian border. It appears that the two countries have been able to work around the issue in this new treaty, but resolution of this issue is essential to making further progress toward nuclear weapon-free world.

Saturday, 14 March 2009 18:00 Jennett Meriden Russell Editorial Dept - Science

Monday, 02 February 2009 18:00 Jennett Meriden Russell Editorial Dept - Science

Friday, 07 March 2008 19:00 Maureen Heidtmann Editorial Dept - Science

Feeling like an alien who had been left behind by the Mother Ship to observe creatures from another planet, I studied the life-forms bent over their desks. In reality, all of the beings in the room, including myself, were taking tests that would decide whether we were mentally fit to work at a nuclear power plant.

It was the spring of 1992, and I was there from desperation. Having worked in the art department of a printing company for more than nine years, I was out of work due to health problems caused by exposure to certain chemicals, and I really needed a job. Finally, after searching for employment for more than a year, I saw an ad in a local newspaper: “Wanted: Short Order Cook. Good Salary. Temporary.”

Cook? Can do. I called the number given, and learned where the food and beverage company was located.

“Oh, no! Not the Nuke plant!” I moaned. 


Sunday, 15 April 2007 20:00 Michael Jeffrey Editorial Dept - Science

Whilst we applaud any efforts to ameliorate the effects of catastrophic climate and sea level change, caused by release of industrial greenhouse gases, we cannot support a nuclear industry as a solution. Caboolture is one of the proposed sites to house a Nuclear Power station and this cannot go ahead. The debate on uranium is flawed by a greed for export income. That bias manifests through ignoring a number of practical and moral arguments which we urge the Australian government and in particular John Howard to consider. These are:


- Although the quantity of waste is small, no country at present has satisfactory storage and disposal means.

- The conversion of waste into ceramic materials that cannot be readily leached is not proceeding because it is too expensive.

- The underground disposal method being trialed in Sweden, which is the only acceptable method, still has 35 years to run before safety can be assessed.


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