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ObamaDr Christo Landman, spokesperson on Foreign Affairs for the CDA said in a report, that the election of Obama as President of the USA did not come as a surprise:

- An astonishing amount of money was "poured" into his campaign.
- Liberal Media networks, like CNN, and other so-called objective journalists were visibly promoting his candidature.
- The election coincided with an international economic collapse, erroneously solely attributed to the Republican Party and George Bush.
- Republican Afro-Americans like Powell sided with Obama, for obvious reasons.

What is more important is that Obama, like the ANC in SA, made elaborate promises to the American people and black Americans in particular, promises which are unlikely to be fulfilled. In SA such empty and unfulfilled promises, have come back to haunt the ANC to the extent that the Lekota faction has formed another opposition party.

In many cases Afro-Americans are still at the bottom of the financial scale measuring prosperity. It is expected that Obama, as an Afro-American President, will bring fundamental change. But the absence of such change and social transformation will lead to disillusionment and moral defeat. Obama will learn quickly that there is a whole world of reality between empty oratory and absent deeds.


Obama se beloftes klink soos onvervulde ANC-beloftes

“Die omvattende beloftes wat Barak Obama gemaak met geen hoop om vervul te word nie, is soortgelyk aan die ANC se wilde beloftes waarvan ook dadels gekom het. Hier het dit nou tot die stigting van die “Shikota Express” gelei,” sê dr. Christo landman, woordvoerder van Buitelandse Sake van die CDA. Hierdie onhaalbare beloftes spook nou by die ANC.”

Dr. Landman het ook ‘n verskeidenheid redes aan die hand gedoen oor waarom Obama die knoop kon deurhaak, soos omvattende en bevooroordeelde mediadekking, en die blaam vir die fiskale krisis wat volledig op die skouers van die Republikeinse Party en pres. George W. Bush gepak is.

“Die afwesigheid van die fundamentele veranderings wat Obama beloof het, sal dit gou aan die verkose president duidelik maak dat daar ‘n groot verskil tussen holle breedsprakerigheid en die omsetting daarvan in dade is.”

Dr. Christo Landman
Christen-Demokratiese Allainsie/ Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA)
Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

Image Courtesy of Barack Obama's Official Website

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