GFP Standards and Policies


The Global Free Press Standards and Policies


The Global Free Press has been developed to serve the people of all Nations as a Public Entity. It is funded through Sponsors and Private Donations.

The Global Free Press  is privately owned and operated. The Philosophies of the Media Industry are incorporated, including Journalistic and Publishing Ethics, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Code of Canada.

The following is a set of standards and policies to ensure that contributed material, be it written, photographic, artistic and/or electronic work delivered to the Global   Free Press meet all of the required criteria in the GFP Standards and Policies thus providing the public with a diverse variety of articles, news reporting and editorials that they themselves have rendered.

Table of Contents

- The Global Free Press Philosophy
- Contributor’s Guidelines
Third Party Website Links

Publishing Laws
Security and Privacy
Advertising Policies

- GFP Logo and Links
Final Notes

 The Global Free Press Philosophy

The Global Free Press believes that all People have a right to be heard, not just through the voices of others but through their own voices and have set the following as its foundation.

(a.) The Global Free Press Website belongs to the people. That diversity will be able to shine through any adversity in the pages of the publication. The articles and reporting will be written by the public, using their diverse values, viewpoints and experiences.

(b.) The Publisher will not allow the Website to be under the control of any private or known individuals, political groups, corporations, government body, or any other form of association, either indirectly or directly for any reason, as it is crucial for the integrity of the Organization and for the trust of all People.

(c.) The free exchange of opinion and thought is the right of all People.

(d.) The Publisher maintains and exercises editorial authority, control and consideration for the content of the Website.

(e.) The Global Free Press is accountable to the People, all Members, Sponsors, Donators, and Contributors.

(f.) The Right to Privacy is an issue that is directly affected by the media’s mantra of the ‘public has a right know’. Whereas situations regarding elected officials, institutions they run and connected allies are deemed as ‘the right to know’, the Global Free Press’ belief is that people have the right to privacy and fairness with due course. The Publisher strongly believes there is a noticeable difference between the ‘right to know’ and the ‘right to privacy’.

(g.) The Global Free Press will defend the rights of expression and of the press as we serve the public's interest, the public themselves, and to support the global cause for the basic of all human rights - free speech and the medium to put it in - a free press.

(h.) The Global Free Press stands for all the nations of the world as the neutral ground for free speech.


 Contributor’s Guidelines

The Global Free Press is open for all People to participate with, whatever their age, lifestyle, religious or ethnic background may be.

he Global Free Press believes that every person has the right to be heard and has built the website with them in mind. The Contributors are an important ingredient to the publication as they will provide the honest reality of their country expressed within their written views and opinions.

All material for submission should be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Contributors are defined as follows:

(a.) anyone submitting written material, photographs, videos or editorial drawings.

(b.) any submitted material through the 'Comments' link.

Use of Material

- All authors, photographers and artists who submit material to the publication hereby acknowledge the right of the Global Free Press to use said material within the period of one year from the date of the submission.

- All authors, photographers and artists will receive an online acknowledgement of their work. In some cases an appropriate bio may be included, providing that the bio has no commercial merit.

- All authors, photographers and artists are completely and wholly responsible for their work including any copyright infringements that may occur with any submitted material.

- Any work that is alleged to be plagiarized, stolen or copied in any way, shape or form, or is found to be plagiarized, stolen or copied in any way, shape or form will be subjected to whatever means necessary to halt the production and distribution of said material, either online and/or in print; and to notify the author. The Publisher will cooperate with any legal authority regarding such matters and after careful consideration, may respond to any allegations of wrong doing by any of the authors in a statement within the Global Free Press.

- The Global Free Press, the Publisher, nor any of its Associates will be held liable by any author, photographer or artist for any omissions, mistakes or errors either on their part, or on the part of the Global Free Press, that may occur during any of the processing and production of said material. If the Global Free Press does make an error during processing, editing and/or production, the Publisher, upon careful consideration may or may not issue an online and/or printed statement. 

- By submitting material, all authors, photographers and artists acknowledge that the submitted material to be true and the created work to be wholly theirs, unless outlined in the work with acknowledgements of any other authors or co-Contributors.

- By submitting material, all authors, photographers and artists acknowledge that they have read the Publishing Standards and Policies and understand its contents.

Amended Issue

Payments for any submitted work are not available for any Contributors under any means. The work that is sent to the GFP is submitted freely, and voluntarily. The Global Free Press does not own any submitted work but essentially 'borrows' the contributed material for use on the GFP website. The authors of submitted material fully own their work and are clearly free to do what they want with it outside of the GFP.


- The Publisher reserves the right to refuse any Contribution for whatever reason necessary.

- Should there be a conflict regarding any Contributor and the Publisher, the Publisher has the right to inform the Public in the Global Free Press of any issues arising from said conflict, providing that the conflict is relative to the Public and the Publisher believes that said conflict is important to the public and not detrimental to either the Contributor, the Public, The Global Free Press or the Publisher and all of the GFP Associates of every level. This would be pursuant of the Public's Right to Know.

Submitting Material

- Contributors are asked to sign-up and Register online, although this is not necessary or required.

- All written material must be sent to the Contributions email address. Material for submissions sent to other email addresses may not be accepted nor returned. Printed material, electronic attachments, or other media storage units delivered in any way may, or may not be accepted.

- Submitted material missing the required contact information will not be published, and if possible, be returned to the sender for clarification and re-submission.

Submitting Images

- When sending Photographs and Editorial Drawings, please include the image files with your submission.

- All images must be saved using one of the following formats:

(a.) .gif
(b.) .jpeg
(c.) .tiff
(d.) .bmp

- Any other file formats will not be accepted. All electronic images and graphic drawings will not be returned, please do not send original work via the post mail.


 Third Party Website Links

- Please note that all Third Party Links will open in a new window.

- All news services provided by Reporters Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and WorldPress, have not been purchased, nor traded for, and are owned by the respective entities and do not constitute any affiliation and/or collaboration by any of the participating parties with The Global Free Press.

- The Global Free Press website contains links to outside websites. These links are not an endorsement by the
GFP, nor are the contents of such websites. The GFP is not responsible for the content of any listed website. The GFP does its best to ensure that all of our Links are of reasonable standards.

- The Global Free Press does not allow any obscene, hate motivated, pornographic, racist, or any other form of discriminatory type website link(s) on the GFP website.


Publishing Laws

The Freedom of the Press carries a major responsibility to the public, it must weigh the difference between public opinion and the freedom of expression. The Publisher must recognize the messages in articles and conclude whether or not the story should be published.

The Publisher will be happy to push the freedom of speech boundaries, in an attempt to continue our evolution to a clearer understanding of the freedoms that we experience, but rest assured that the Publisher will also halt any work that goes past the acceptable point of responsible expression.

- The Global Free Press will not publish work that may be a motivating factor in inciting the public to act inappropriately.

- The Publisher will not allow any form of discrimination that refers to a person's race, colour or religion to be published, unless it is pertinent to the story.

- The Publisher will avoid articles with irrational and careless stereotypes of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or social status. Hate Propaganda Literature will not be tolerated and is against the law as stated in the Criminal Code of Canada.

The Publisher wishes to inform all Contributors of every level that this section of the Criminal Code is taken very seriously. Should an individual submit an article that has the potential to incite the public, and is clearly Hate Related and Provoking, the Publisher will consult the proper authorities of the author's intent or intentions.


 Security and Privacy

The Global Free Press guarantees that all Contributors', Subscribers' and Journalists' personal and business information is stored without the possibility of any security breaches. The Publisher insures that everyone's material is safe, secure and private, as this a factor in our accountability to the public.

No information is sold, traded or sent to any other third party entities at any time.


 Advertising Policies

The most important aspect of the Global Free Press is the absence of commercial display advertising on the website. It is an essential part of our mandate to provide an alternative international website without the influence of outside parties.

This is not to suggest that the Global Free Press is prejudice against the advertising industry, it is the Publisher's decision to exclude advertising and the reasons for these decisions are many and all professionally based.

Corporations who need advertising mediums to display their products have many venues at their disposal, and as such the Global Free Press choose not to include display advertising space.

Sponsors are welcome.


 GFP Logo and Slogans

Use of the GFP Logos and Slogans is permitted provided the Logo/Slogan is not placed on an inappropriate website that does not meet the Standards of the GFP.

The Logo/Slogan can be used on personal websites and/or blogs freely and can be setup to be used as a Link to the GFP. This is completely voluntary by anyone choosing to display the Logo or Slogan on their website.

- The Logo/Slogan can not be used on any commercial site without permission from the Publisher.

- The Logo/Slogan can not be recolored, distorted, re-worked or altered in any way. Infraction of this can result in legal action if necessary.

- The Logo/Slogan can not be displayed with any other Logo as to suggest a partnership of any kind, or used to assume to be associated with the GFP. Infraction of this can result in legal action if necessary.

- Use of the GFP Logo or Slogan on a personal or commercial website does not constitute an endorsement of that website.


 Final Notes

The Publisher wishes to acknowledge that the GFP Standards and Policies are a compilation of over 25 years in the print media industry. It represents the Publisher’s beliefs in the publishing business and has been extended to include an independent view of publishing and the accountability that the Publisher extends to the Public.

These Standards are not written in stone and have been designed to be flexible enough to be improved and amended. They are here to be discussed and debated should anyone feel they have a valid point. New or changed items will be marked as such.

Private Donations

Because the Global Free Press is subscriber and volunteer driven, the decision to welcome Private Donations is fundamental to this project. The Global Free Press is not a registered organization and can not offer tax receipts for donations. 

The Publisher believes that the public will consider the work the publication and the website are accomplishing and are welcome to inquire about Private Donations at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



First Draft - February 21st, 2006


1st Amendment - June 22nd, 2006: The Contributor's Guidelines  

2nd Amendment - November 28th, 2006: Complete review and changes made to reflect the move from a Canadian viewpoint to a full global entity.

3rd Amendment - September 1st, 2007: Revised for the updated NFP.ORG site.

4th Amendment - September 4th, 2011: Revised for the new GFP.ORG site and the domain name change.

Copyright © 2006 - 2013 The Global Free Press All rights reserved.

The views and opinions expressed in the Global Free Press are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else.

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