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altLooking for a different “farming game”? Something with a major challenge to it? Ever wonder what it might be like to deal with living in a Third World country and have a farm and a family to maintain?

We recently added a thought-provoking farming game that will keep you wondering how some people in the world survive.

The Third World Farmer Game let’s you plant crops, look after livestock and build buildings while you maintain your families health and send your children to school. But it gets challenging when your livestock is wiped out because of a natural disaster.

Or your crops yield nothing because the market fell. Or the crop fails completely. Maybe the Guerrillas came and burnt down your buildings and stole your farm equipment.

Or you had to deal with corrupt officials.
This simple yet powerful game gives its user a very remote experience into everyday life for many people in Third World African countries.

So put down your Farmville game for a moment and try something that will really make you think!

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