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Recently MJ was a guest on the Judyth Piazza show on NewsRadio 1490 WTTB!

Click here and listen in to MJ's interview
about his passion for spilling ink on drawing boards since 1979, and how he's been delivering funnies to the masses through the printed pages since 1988.

Currently a member of CAPS, Comic Art Professional Society, I.C.C. International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and The St. Louis Gateway Arts. The various illustrations and cartoons produced at PC Studios can be seen throughout various media sources internationally.

The Nashville Free Press (U.S.A.), Newsblaze Publications (U.S.A.), Newropeans Magazine (Paris, France), Throughout the years the illustrations / cartoons have been featured in "Best Editorial Compilations", Comic books (U.K., Britian), and Anthologies as well as newspapers, magazines, and exhibitions through Galleries, and Museums across the United States.

For more of MJ's work, please click here!


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