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Internationally Syndicated Cartoonist Returns To Alma Mater, 30 Years Later.

Michael Pohrer (MJ)
; one of the National Free Press' Editorial Cartoonists returned to his Alma Mater, Francis Howell located in Weldon Springs, Missouri on January 6th, 2011.

The Francis Howell Alumnus graduated in 1981 with the 100th Anniversary Class. There were two presentations in the schools auditorium discussing illustration / cartooning and all that it entails to the student body and faculty members. Including "Live Cartooning" on stage with the help of the students, and also "Live Drawing" of some editorial cartoons.

In between the two presentations were "Meet and Greets" with the students on a more direct individual classroom setting situation. For in depth discussions along with a hands-on illustrating / cartooning approach with those enrolled into the varied art courses that are currently available. 


The Cartoonist, MJ stated "I met and talked with the current student body. I was impressed with the level of quality material that the students were producing. I got to watch quite a few of them do illustrating / cartooning projects. I was simply amazed by the professional looking material."

During the auditorium presentations, Susan M. Robison NBCT / Francis Howell High School and Francis Howell Union High School Librarian was presented with original FIDDLESTIX© cartoon strips from 1991, for exhibit displays. As well as various published books, a few of those included “Best Editorial Cartoons Of The Year” that featured MJ's work to the school's library system. Presentations that were also made to the school system included original FIDDLESTIX© drawings from 2006. All of the students that were given the opportunity for direct classroom discussions received autographed cartoon strips from the new feature Welcome To The Jungle©.

During the visit, The Political / Social Sciences departments were also provided educational material for future course studies, and access to MJ's editorial cartoon archives for current trends covering social / political subject matter.

Michael Pohrer, (MJ), would like to thank Mrs. Joy Kendall / Francis Howell Fine Arts Department Chair, for the invitation to give the presentations. Mrs. Michele Dunaway / Communication Arts, Sue Robinson NBCT / FHHS Librarian, as well as The FHHS School District for their willingness to help expand the educational mindset for the students.

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