Sunday, 25 March 2012 04:23 Newsflashes - GFP News
On Friday the 23 of March, someone, and I won’t write the name here lest it be Googled for all eternity, hacked the Global Free Press and the HillCom company website, and was kind enough to leave a calling card – internet style.

From what we discovered via the web was that this “someone” is a Tunisian fighting for Palestinian freedom from the Israelis.  Yes, well, we're terribly happy for you and everything, and more power to ya and all, but would ya mind not doing it? 

Quite frankly, an article would have been just as cool if not obviously better. (Unless the hacker’s command of the English language isn’t as good as their command of computer programming.)

So, dear hacker person, we hope it was as good for you, as it was for us. ; )

In case you didn't know, the GFP is like Switzerland, thus we’re neutral. We’re the only Global Public Media System online that has no political, religious or organizational leanings, backgrounds or alliances.

We are not anonymous. 

We are… everyone.

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