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As Sponsors for the Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB), it is our pleasure to bring to the GFP readers a look at the winning cartoons from the 2014 CAIB Festival and Contest!
Each week we’ll continue to showcase the excellent artistic work coming from not only Nigeria and Africa, but from around the world!
The CAIB Contest Theme for 2014 was “Africa of the Future”, with the first Sub-Theme being “Our Children: Our Future”.  This will be the first set of cartoons we’ll be showcasing this week.
1st position:  “Love Your Neighbour” Photomontage by Stane Jagodic (Slovenia)

2nd position:  “A Day for Celebration” by Maria Angelica Tejada (Philippines)

3rd position:  Untitled by Homayoun Abdolrahimi (Iran)

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