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The GFP is pleased to spread the news of the impending release of Rattan Mann’s first major film, The Buddhist Monk in 2016!

Inspired by true events, The Buddhist Monk tells the story of a simple man forced into stealing religious scrolls from the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace in Tibet in pre-independence India!

A slice of Indian history about the mounting tension between the Indians and the British and Queen Victoria’s hold on a country they wanted for themselves!

Produced by Rattan Mann Films ( from Norway and India, this beautifully directed film, shot with an old world feel and accompanied by a grand musical score was filmed on location in Northern India along the border with Tibet.

For more information and to keep up the news here are the links to their English website, and the Facebook Page, and their Twitter Page is  There are plans to have a Hindi website in the future.

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