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After receiving his doctorate in chemistry from the Technical University Munich, he joined Environment Canada's National Water Research Institute where he served as research scientist and project manager for several research groups. He represented the institute at a variety of national and international committees, gave numerous presentations at scientific conferences, was editorial board member and peer reviewer for serveral journals, adjunct professor and external reviewer of university theses, and was the Editor-in- Chief of the the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly ten years.
Dr. Kaiser is an author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and national and international agency reports, books, trade magazines, and newspapers. He has been president of the Intl. Association for Great Lakes Research, and is a recipient of the Intl. QSAR Award. He is currently Director of Research of TerraBase Inc., and is a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

Dr. Kaiser is widely recognized for his expertise in environmental chemistry and his "no-nonsense" approach to issues. You can visit Dr. Kaiser's website www.convenientmyths.com and reach him here This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Wednesday, 09 March 2016 00:00 GFP Columnist - Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
The European Space Organisation envisages a grand project: a village on the Moon, by 2030.

Supported by robots that mine and process minerals for the ISS (Intl. Space Station) kind of derivative to be placed there, including 3D-printers for the manufacture of tools, etc.  The whole thing is thought to be a stepping stone to the planet Mars.

What appears to be missing from the project is an appreciation and understanding of the facts; the Moon is no more of a hospitable place than Mars. In fact, both are rather inhospitable.

The Moon

For more than 40 years now, mankind has not set foot on the Moon – and for good reason. Apart from lacking any appreciable atmosphere (no water, oxygen, nitrogen, or even carbon dioxide), it takes an enormous amount of (earthly) resources to get there and back. Yes, the feat has been achieved but to what avail?

Rock samples brought back from the missions to the Moon did not significantly enlarge our knowledge of the universe nor our understanding of this planet’s environ.

Saturday, 09 January 2016 00:00 GFP Columnist - Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
Ever dialed a wrong number? I bet you did, just as I have on some occasions.

What makes the internet swirl though is the fact that Tim Peake, presently residing in the International Space Station (ISS) high above the earth’s surface did so recently. Why should it be such an “un-earthly” event? Sooner or later, it happens to the best of us!

As his excuse, Peake claims to have had a faulty phone book, due to incorrect “rounding” of the numbers in a spreadsheet of such.

The Phone Book

Time was when the local phone company delivered a (paper)-phone book every fall to you, free of charge, as part of your subscription to their service. In recent years, that service (I mean the phone book) has fallen into a state of neglect. No longer do you get the long-accustomed-to phone book.  Any hard-wired service may just go the way of the dodo-bird too. It’s all fancy-dancy-wireless now, no-one needs an old-fashioned phone book anymore, just use your smart-thing with the latest app and, voila, you are successfully directed to the one enterprise keenest to serve your (perceived) needs. It may not be what you were looking for but that’s beside the point.

Monday, 10 August 2015 16:21 GFP Columnist - Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
That’s what a colleague from former times asked recently. You had to choose between YES or NO. Only some 20 of the 150+ former colleagues he so canvassed bothered to answer.  He might have just as well asked “Do you have a mother?”—Silly questions deserve no answer.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth’s history of “climate change” (CC) is about 4,500,000,000 years in the making. Why would anyone think that it stopped yesterday, last year, last decade, last century, or even a millennium ago? Do you think the rate or direction of natural CC has changed because the dinosaurs died out many million years ago? Or do you believe it was because humans arrived en masse on the scene a few thousand years ago?

Let’s look at some real drivers of climate change.

Monday, 10 August 2015 14:30 GFP Columnist - Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
A new study on the woolly mammoth has linked their demise, approximately 10,000 years ago, to – what else could it be but “climate change.“  The progressive news media are all over it.

Headline at www.news.com.au:  “Extinction events linked to prehuman global warming.” The reportage says “Lead author University of Adelaide Prof. Alan Cooper found extinction events “staggered through time” across the northern hemisphere coincided with short, rapid warming events,” etc.

Headline in the National Geographic: “Abruptly Warming Climate Triggered Megabeast Revolutions.”

Headline in the Democratic Underground, LLC:  “Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change.” In the text “Published today in Science, the researchers say by contrast, extreme cold periods, such as the last glacial maximum, do not appear to correspond with these extinctions.”

Headline by Micah Dacolo at the Dispatch Times:  “Climate change brought the extinction of woolly mammoths, and more could follow the trend” and further down “The study gave an highlight of the fact that climate change has been a great threat to animals and global warming, which is the one of this era could have a major repercussion.”

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 15:28 GFP Columnist - Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
Ashley, as in Madison, had a security breach, so the news said. Millions of not-so-fidelity-minded spouses may have their quiet affairs breached.

What a bummer, is nothing safe anymore?

Not only does the world have to cope with constant claptrap about runaway global warming or climate change, now even the bedroom climate is coming under suspicion; quite possibly, it could get hotter yet. But don’t fear, the Apostolic See is going to help you out. As the Ring of Fire Radio, LLC reports, “Mayors from around the world go to Vatican City to sign the Pope’s pledge on climate agreement.”

Moral Imperatives and Control

The statement emanating from that encounter says “...effective control is a moral imperative for humanity.” I quite agree. With the many millions of dollars the Vatican’s dioceses have had to cough up so far to settle numerous lawsuits about a variety of improprieties, what we really need is good teachings about moral imperatives. The only question is if the Vatican will provide the divine guidance so much needed. Just a couple of weeks ago, Pope Francis said on Thursday, “I say this to you with regret: Many grave sins were committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God” and “Like Saint John Paul II, I ask that the Church ‚Äòkneel before God and implore forgiveness for the past and present sins of her sons and daughters’ and “But where there was sin, and there was plenty of sin, ...”

Monday, 06 July 2015 00:00 GFP Columnist - Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
Jane, as in Fonda and David, as in Suzuki are having a great day. As CTVnews reports, they are rejoicing in a rally “aimed at bringing attention to climate change, employment and justice issues in Canada”, also known as the “climate rally.”

In case you were unaware, the people on this continent need some reminding, especially by “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” artists, like Jane or David. The news report also says “The rally will consist of a rare coalition of non-profit organizations and activist groups, including a variety [of] labour unions, Greenpeace, Idle No More and religious organizations.”

Non-Profit Organizations

There are plenty of “Non-Profit Organizations” (NPOs). Actually my dearest thinks that I run one too and I think she’s right. Though not by design, I clearly fail to keep up with all of the jetting-setting around world by the high flyers. Don’t even have an ocean-front abode near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or a 1,000+ acre ranch near Santa Fe which Jane and David are accustomed too—should I feel deprived?


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