Thursday, 22 August 2013 14:09 GFP Columnist - Dr. Haytham Khoury
The Syrian regime forces have bombarded this morning the Eastern and Western Ghouta, in the suburbs of Damascus, with surface-to-surface missiles carrying chemical weapons.

As a result, thousands of people have become sick and hundreds, most of them are children, have passed away.

Indeed, the Syrian regime continues its cruelty and its use of all the internationally-banned mass-destruction weapons that it possesses against innocent civilians, thus ignoring all the humanitarian warnings issued by the United Nations and regional and international countries.

The Syrian Democratic Forum appeals on the UN chemical-weapons investigative team, present currently in Syria, to head to the target sites in Eastern Ghouta, expeditiously, to investigate these serious violations.

Furthermore, we demand the opening of humanitarian corridors that ensure the arrival of medical aid, as the shortage of this aid has caused the death of scores of innocent civilians.

Finally, the Forum holds the Syrian regime and its supporters the full responsibility for these heinous unspeakable crimes.

c/o Haytham Khoury
The Syrian Democratic Forum
Images Contributed by the Syrian Democratic Forum

Publisher’s Note:  At the time of this press release, most people are aware of the accusation against Syrian forces using chemical weapons against their own people, however, it hasn’t yet been determined what the exact circumstances are surrounding this situation.  Currently UN Inspectors are on the ground investigating these reports.

Although the evidence is leaning toward the fact that this attack did indeed happen with use of chemical weapons, it is still being investigated and thus the GFP posts this news release without prejudice and will provide an update as soon as one is available.

Should the use of chemical weapons be found to be true, the GFP and our Associates will continue to condemn this inhumane treatment of the Syrian people and hope that this conflict can be resolved swiftly.

For more information please see this CBC News Story.

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