Sunday, 01 March 2015 15:59 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
Whenever I meet someone who finds out I am a Satanist, they think "oh, this person is up to no good", or "he probably just hates Christianity".

Let me get this straight. There are Atheistic Satanists, Theistic Satanists, Christian Satanists, and Islamic Satanists (generally speaking). The LaVeyan Satanists are neither Christian nor Islamic Satanists, they are atheistic Satanists as far as I know. There are many other types of Satanists. You can find out more about other Satanists by opening a tab in your browser and search about Satanism.

To get my point across on this article, I just want to remind people that Satanism does not need Christianity or Islam to exist. Its doctrines and concept can stand on its own because of its presented values and virtues. It is first better romanticized by Milton with the book "Paradise Lost", there were other legendary writers who too saw the virtue of Satan and presented him fairly. We can find that George Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain have also seen the virtues of Satanism in some of their writings.

Satanism, on its own, is focused on Free Will, Individualism, and Enlightenment. Generally speaking, Satanists are usually not bound to worship anyone else except themselves. This was the very shining factor of Satanism. It also has a unique taste. Some sects of Satanism has created rituals that are deliberately designed to free one's psychological shackles that has been ingrained by religion. When you do something deliberately against the norm of your religion, and take it to the extreme, you break down that chain that has bound you, and have thus discovered freedom. This is somewhat similar to some extreme Shaivite rituals where people smear ashes all over their body, or drink from a human skull. The idea in Shaivism is to completely accept that death is a part of our reality and that we should embrace it rather than fear it.

We should understand and embrace or challenge our reality than to fear or pretend it does not exist. We are more open to discuss things others would consider taboo. The bigger difference as well is we would rather be educated by other fellows or through experience, rather than be ignorant yet curious about a specific reality.

Sin does not exist in Satanism, but we do have the basic principle of cause and effect. Whatever you do has an effect, and even if you think you did the right thing, its consequence might not be positive in the end.

While the rest will praise charity, a Satanist might question its efficiency. Does it mean we do not like to do good things? Not necessarily. That is what free will is all about. Do as you wish. In other situations, we might find that if we truly want to help others, we give them an opportunity to be useful in their life.

The most common misconception people have presented about Satanism is Satan buys and owns souls. Generally speaking, most of us do not believe in God or souls, so we have no use for something that does not exist. People who presume Satanists buy souls are generally misinformed by religious groups.

Remember that religion has used the Satan to scare people into obedience. People do not like pain, and hell was designed to be painful, and they now use Satan as the person who wants to bring you to a place of pain. Any one with common sense will see that if you get someone to obey you, why punish them for their obedience? (Although, religion actually scares people into obedience and yet you can still get punished if so wished)

Satanists tend to be very independent researchers as well. If you are a Satanist and you blindly follow scriptures or have ever followed a script, then you are not a Satanist, but sheep. If you want to blindly follow someone and their scriptures and lead a blissful, ignorant life (blissful not guaranteed), you can choose to just believe in any of the monotheistic religions available, polytheistic religions too if you wish.

Why do I have to write this article when you already know this? No idea. But hey, you reached this far. You now have a better idea of my idea on Satanism, and whether you agree or not is not my problem, but I would be open to logical presentations of your oppositions, I like to know more and be better. If you do decide to show me religious scriptures, I won't listen, because it is fiction, and a crappy racist, and sexist one at that. I would rather that you use that book for something more useful than reading it blindly and cause more harm.

Image: Director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro Animates Old Master Paintings Heaven To Hell

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