Wednesday, 22 July 2015 09:40 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
There was once a saying in the Vedas...

Are we a dream of God, or did we dream of our God?

Interesting point that was further realized is how everyone's mind is its own universe. Everyone's mind carries infinity, and time is created by the limitation of the laws of physics over space rather than time by a ticking clock.

In short, it is possible that in every mind, in its own universe, is a world where another set of beings live, evolve, and live another story.

You are a God to the beings in your mind.

Our god, perhaps, is the dreamer, whose mind is where our universe resides.

The creation of the universe, the big bang, therefore, is on the birth of the being. The sudden bright light you see is when you open your eyes after being born.

How does time play a role here? Interestingly, the mind processes and sends information back and forth through electricity, travelling practically at the speed of light. What limits us is the slower speed our senses see as "reality". We are moving at the speed allowed by the laws of physics. The mind has it all in one moment, but in that moment, it all seems like eternity. To better understand this. You can have a data transferred online through the fastest internet connection, and download a 5 hour long movie in the span of a few minutes (limited by current technology). The entire file can be transferred in a brief moment, but if you play the movie, it has a runtime that controls its speed to what we perceive. You can choose to increase or decrease the speed based on what you are accustomed to. Someone who is accustomed to a faster speed would perhaps play this entire story of the universe as one dream of the night. For another, the moment you stub your toe on the table is slowed down to an eternity.

So, how do you control the universe? How do you dictate the dream of your God to what you want? Do you live the story he has written, or do you both live in the flow bound by the laws set in play? Can you break free from the laws and suddenly go forwards or backwards?

One can perhaps, connect to the "mind", the universe. You then realize that all multiverses are one with all spanning from one core universe. A dream inside a dream, wherein a character inside a dream also has dreams, and dreams within dreams. Each one of the dreamer realizes through the universe they are in.

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