Monday, 18 January 2016 00:00 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
Your skull tattoo and love for heavy metal and rock and roll might look cool, but it does not make you a Satanist. You may carry a tattoo of Satan on your arm and show it off. You look tough, people think you are cool, but you're not a Satanist, sorry.

Satanists are not cool people. Our choice of philosophy will not make us cool. Why? Because cool people are cool to belong or for others to look up to them to. Satanism was a path chosen not to belong or to be looked up to. Satanism is a choice taken by those who are pretty much serious about life and are not mentally lazy to really think about what is and what isn't. We've been kept up all night questioning beliefs imposed upon us.

We're not obedient to authority not because we want to rebel, but because we don't easily accept what is being presented as a law or dogma unless we understand its underlying purpose.

We are purpose oriented, we can choose to disobey. We have that free will to say no. How many others who are bound by their religious doctrine can say the same?

This is where the word heretic comes from. (Greek for "choice")

Satanists usually do not have churches, and half the people in our group want to join Satanism to become rich. We don't have a lot of people in our community following the same beliefs; and in such, almost all of us have our own personal view and philosophy of Satanism.

We have our own personal version of Satanism. Each one of us more or less.

We have understood that we came here as a clean slate, full of potential and excited to create change. We seek perfection because we can work towards that perfection.

Faith is for the intellectually lazy. We love to doubt.

Being content on our current state is lazy. We love to always improve ourselves.

People enslaved by religion are easily enslaved because it is easier to be lazy. It is easier to just leave our fate to someone. As long as we have food, have shelter, and get to fuck; we're pretty much ok.

Humans are domesticated. We are conditioned to be made slaves through our mind.

This is of course, popular to everyone else. It keeps you social calendar booked with friends. You are cool to everyone else. You can easily find a bride or groom in your similar faith. Take a step further and if you're part of a small town where there is only one religion for the entire community.

Do you really have a choice? Do you really have free will?

We're not here to convince you to leave your faith and join us. We're not here to recruit people.

We honestly do not care about you.

We're here because of our own personal pursuits in life. We live by our morals and ensure we do not cause harm to others or anything. Your life is how you want to live it, just don't interfere in ours.

When it comes to the bottomline, you will be surprised. We're a lot more than you think, but you'll never know. We're not like vegans who will have to announce to the world our belief. Ours is what we keep to ourselves.

This life is but a personal journey towards discovery. We do contribute to the betterment of society; not out of obligation, but out of perceived necessity. We love to create beautiful things, share beauty, share our discovery. There's so much more we can share from our discovery without parroting politics and religion. There's so much more to share about the world than our own toilet selfies and dick pics.

Here's the best part.

We don't care much about the afterlife.

If there's a biblical god who will punish us for disobedience, then so be it. Our choice of morals are made out of free will, and not out of fear of eternal punishment. This is our middle finger pointing to authority; those who use fear for control are nothing more than dictators with self esteem issues.

Do you still want to be a Satanist?

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