Friday, 04 January 2013 10:12 GFP Columnist - Dr. Mamta Anand
December the 16th, 2012 would remain unforgettable in the history of India, when as Indians almost all the citizens, women, men and children felt crumpled, on hearing the gory incident of gang - rape and unprecedented sexual assault in Delhi on a young woman in her early twenties.

As much as the pain was unbearable for the young woman so much was it for the young Indians who are unrelenting in protests and pursuing the Government authorities to hang the culprits. The girl could not be saved, but the question today in front of the nations is who would be the next victim?

This incidence of violence has badly hit not just one woman variously nicknamed by Indian media as ‘Damini’ (energy), ‘Nirbhaya’ (fearless), or ‘Amanat’ (treasured one), but has hit everyone. Woman in this country today has cried on being a woman, some even through placards demonstrated regret for giving birth to men, her rapist-killer.

Men have equally felt bad and embarrassed on knowing the extent of cruelty men could reach. A child has felt sad to know the plight of a woman in the hands of blighted men, when the masculine took pride in offending and crushing the feminine.

India took no time to burst open in frustration with loud and determined protests everywhere only to prove the long absence in the country of an instructing tongue in a poet. The barbarous assault on the woman in Delhi was not one stray incident but a point of culmination of routine barbarity that has become a regular feature of daily life in India.

The problem is not between a man and a woman but the scheme of life in India that magically feigns and fools the world and people around as worshippers of women or followers of non-violence. In reality, it is the monster of money who rules over the political echelons, priests in Education and people called professionals by the society at large. This money monster ensures the survival of the fittest by keeping some ever unfit and deprived. Everyone has to pay for something one has but which others can own, then why not a woman for her body or a child for the innocence and a man for his muscles.

In the competition of privileged verses unprivileged the one who remains in the exploited end is the gentle, considerate, calm and humble. All of these nurturing qualities being naturally found more in women than in men, make them all the more susceptible and vulnerable to be preyed upon by the money monsters and tamed into slavery.

This is the reason why India survives only in attractions where the monster invests only to reap power profits not by building substance for life but by consuming the marrow of humanity. Be it the film industry, where the sex appeal is the only passport to reign in frame or the business magnet who survives by alluring the consumers fuelling their needs.

How can we spare the teacher- tommy who, takes the snooze of institutional loyalty with pride and keeps the humanity deprived for want of but immodest designations. Life in India has become a sad tale of the survival of the fittest. Tall claims once made by India of being the oldest living culture and civilization of the world today, in the dark shadow of the violence on women lay in ruins.

All rue and cry of the noble youngsters marching in protest, sedated in the sense and sensibility by the barbarity of the crime, run the risk of being lost, for the want of India hearing them. These women, men and children crying in pain could be little understood by the specialists addressed, of course, not in cure but maladies.

The real India which had lay in slumber for centuries before Independence, the giant of Swami Vivekananda, heard his call and rose in guts and the grit to overturn an Empire and an epoch of slavery.

But today this India stands lost, benumbed in the ruins laid by crime and corruption.

The squalor and filth spread by the ventures of the money monsters who, suck and chew and threw the hearts and minds of the people, today is the only remains of the millions of Indians who have lost a home and a heaven in the Sense! India of Nehru’s dream that had made a tryst with destiny for the love of human family in 1947, has breached the DESTINY.

Image: Indian women activists shout slogans demanding safety for women as they stage a protest. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup) 

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