Tuesday, 03 February 2015 16:26 GFP Columnist - R.L. Francis
A prominent Christian organization has accused the Church leaders of ‘misleading’ the Christian community vis-a-vis Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

R L Francis, President of Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) has alleged that the Church leaders were misleading the Christian members in Sunday Mass in Churches under Delhi Catholic Archdiocese by instigating them against the BJP, RSS and Narendra Modi Government.

In a press release Francis, who is also a columnist and writer, said that without waiting for the inquiry results of some incidents related to Churches in Delhi, these leaders are inciting the members against Hindu organizations. They wanted to accuse the Hindu organizations and Modi government for these incidents, he said.

He further alleged that some Church leaders were trying to portray at the national and international levels that Christians in India were not safe under the Modi government.

He said that one section of these leaders was so eager to take on the RSS and Modi Government that they had launched a free helpline number to show how the Christians were being persecuted by the Hindus.

Francis said that these leaders were active during the tenure of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. They have now become active with the change in the government at the centre once again.

Taking a dig at these leaders the PCLM leader said that had they started such a helpline for poor Christians, it would have benefitted them to resolve their problems.

Francis further alleged that these leaders were trying to create ‘anti-BJP’ atmosphere in Delhi in view of the incumbent assembly elections and all their efforts were continuing in this direction. He wanted to know how many complaints of persecution they had received on their helpline from the Christians against the Hindus.

He said that Christians were minority in Delhi and they were living in peaceful atmosphere with their Hindu neighbours but these Church leaders were vitiating that peaceful ambience by their anti-Hindu campaign as part of their greater design and vested interests.

He appealed the Church leaders to stop such activities that would pollute the peaceful co-existence of Christians and Hindus in Delhi and India.

Image: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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