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Sunday, 17 October 2010 00:00 GFP Columnist - R.L. Francis

The Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in October 2010 are “anti- poor”, are causing displacement, employment loss to the poor, eviction, and sue of child labour including violation of labour laws. Given the current economic situation, the country would be better off without the games and the money that is being spent could be made available for the poverty alleviation programmes. However, even at this late stage, the organisers have a chance to “repent” if they set aside at least ten per cent of the total budget for helping the poorest families in and around Delhi.

Two Christian human rights organisations- Indian Christian Righteous Action Forum (ICRA) and the Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) have come down heavily on the organisers of the Commonwealth Game and have termed the Commonwealth Games as “ No Bread: All Tamasha.”

"Is it ethically justifiable for a nation like India, with nearly 400 million people living on one $ a day to host such an expensive event? The massive expenditure on the Games brings to light the priorities of the Govt of India." said Joseph G Anthony, the chairperson of the Forum –ICRA.

Thursday, 14 October 2010 00:00 GFP Columnist - R.L. Francis

The first BJP government in the south bastion is in deep trouble. CM Yeddyurappa has been in trouble since inception of the government. These troubles have been more due to infighting in the BJP. Not long agoBJP had got resounding success in the municipality elections. Barring Christians, none of the communities has any sort of problem from BJP. It is not a hidden secret that larger segment of church has been demanding for the dismissal of Yedurappa government and had even submitted memorandum to governor in this regard.

The current trouble in the BJP is due to resentment in the certain section of MLAs. Congress and JD(S) have become active to take advantage of the situation. It is futile to expect value based politics from government. However, Congress has forgotten that how Kumaraswami had dethroned Congress ruled Dharma singh government 4-years-ago.

From the last few years this has become tradition of opposition to destabilise the ruling government at any cost. No one can deny role of opposition in democratic establishment. It is also true that governments become autocratic in the absence of opposition. But if opposition destabilises any functioning government, then it should also present viable option to people. But, the million dollar question is will JD(S) and Congress dare to form the government?

Saturday, 09 October 2010 00:00 GFP Columnist - R.L. Francis

Kashmiri youths posed a question to Home Minister P. Chidambram that why you don’t feel pain while shooting on us. Home Minister had gone to share grief of violence ridden Tangmarg near valley with all party delegation. Youths apparently told them that they are unemployed and want progress.

However, unfortunately this is not happening. This conversation was not an official one but it has touch of reality and has element of grief and pain. It would have been even better if these dejected youths had asked the same question from their leadership who are using them as puppet providing guns and stones in stead of employment.

Kashmiri youths should understand that no nation celebrates after shooting their own people. Rather, it is very painful experience. A nation also does not want to use military for solutions. However, what is happening in the valley from the last two decades had left Indian state with little options. It is not that youths in other states have employment and they are not annoyed with the system. If people or common citizen have some problems this does not mean they should follow path of separatism and voice for independence from their umbilical cord.

Friday, 24 September 2010 00:00 GFP Columnist - R.L. Francis

The vice chairman of National Commission for Minorities (NCM) Dr HT Sangliana giving a clean chit to Orissa government on Kandhamal violence by praising the steps taken by the state government for bringing normalcy in Phulbani district has given a blow to the Christian organisations allegations against the state government. These organisations had alleged that several thousands of the victims are yet to be rehabilitated in the effected areas of Kandhamal.

After making a visit to the violence hit areas, Sangliana said that the victims have returned home and those who have not returned to Kandhamal are actually working in the neighbouring states. This statement of NCM vice chairman discounts all the allegations of the Church against the Naveen Patnaik government of not taking care of Kandhamal victims.

NCM vice-chairman’s visit to Kandhamal came in the wake of more than 50 NGOs related to Church organised a public hearing titled “National Tribunal on Kandhmal” from 22 to 24 th August 2010 at New Delhi.The sponsors of this event included Catholic Archbishop of Cuttack Bhuvneshwar Rev. Cheenath, John Dayal of All Indian Christian Council & All India Cathoic union and Sahmat, a Comminist Party of India front organization headed by Mala Hashmi. In this public hearing, film producer Mahesh Bhatt, member of National Advisory Council Harsh Mandar, Syed Hamid, Ruth Manorama,Milan Kothari,Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat and few other leading personalities have participated. Retired Chief Justice of High Court A.P Shah chaired the Tribunal hearing. On the other hand, away from the glare of media some non-christian and tribals were present at Jantar Mantar to express their grief. However, it will be a distant hope that their voices will reach to the masses as that of ‘National Tribunal on Kandhmal’.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010 00:00 GFP Columnist - R.L. Francis

Bishop of Catholic diocese in Ernakulum district of Kerala George Punnakottil has completely turned deaf ears to the demands of restoring job of Professor T J Joseph. Professor T J Joseph was employed by Newman College being run by diocese. Considering resentment in the larger section of minorities Professor Joseph has been suspended for one year.

Leftist government of Kerala had registered case under section 275 accusing him of spreading communal disharmony. He was sent to jail and subsequently released on the bail.

On 4th July while returning from Muvatatupujha church activists of Popular Front of India (PFI) had cut his right hand from the body. This happened because of he had used word ‘Mohammad’ in B.Com question paper in an indecent way. Fanatics had accused him of blasphemy and punished him in their way. Church was shocked and due to fear it did not speak a single line against this act. However, same church has always been vocal against Hindu extremist organisations. The church that had run an agitation against Love Jihad is biting dust on this issue.

Thursday, 09 September 2010 00:00 GFP Columnist - R.L. Francis

Muslims, all over the world, are worried. Reason is: An American church in Florida has decided to burn holy Quran terming it anti-humanity on the eve of 9/11.

However, church is trying its best to suppress this news in India as it fears this will create a rift between Muslims and Christians community and ultimate beneficiaries will be enemy Hindus. This will provide Hindu organizations a rare chance to separate Muslims from Christians. If this happens; work of missionaries will be affected.

Terry Jones, pastor Dove world Outreach Centre, is unfazed from his criticism. He is adamant to burn holy Quran. Dove world Outreach Centre is selling T-Shirts printed with anti-Islamic slogans and anti-Islamic books and litterateurs all over the world.


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