Sunday, 03 June 2012 00:00 GFP Columnist - Joseph M. Cachia
"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear." - Herbert Sebastien Agar

If you are a voice in the wilderness, you are the only person expressing a particular opinion, although later other people understand that you were right.

You may look at them as loners or you can look at them as outsiders. But in truth the CNI members are the real and true vigilant INDEPENDENT citizens of our country.

They are crying out, they are not just whimpering. They are distinct voices conjoined, not homogeneous voices congealed, and it is, in fact, the voice of many that cries out as one.

As per its solemn declaration ‘WE SWEAR TO FREE MALTA FROM THE SLAVERY, COLONIALISM AND DICTATORIAL ILLEGAL EUROPEAN UNION RULE’, the CNI (Campaign for National Independence) is the only voice of truth constantly pervading the political arena of our country.

It enlists many listeners and sympathisers but unfortunately fewer staunch followers. However, it is the natural home of political orphans from the two main political parties – one truly disappointing and the other truly awful.

Both parties vouch for allegiance to the European Union.

The third, lagging well behind without any different or convincing political direction, simply sits on the fence watching where the wind blows, equally committed to make Malta the winner among the other EU countries. If the British Green Party is anything to go by, then our Green Party is far from its targets, whatever these may be. The British Greens describe themselves as “the party of hope and radical change”. But they are a pro-business party, as committed as all the rest to preserving capitalist profit relations. The rich in Britain have never been so rich. But the longest recession of this century has dragged the others towards the bottom.

As the EU began to flex its muscles, EU membership became increasingly dangerous for the freedom, democracy and sovereignty of its member nations.

Europe as a whole is in recession, and Greece, Spain, and Portugal are in depressions. What are the people supposed to do if the economic chefs on both the political Left and the political Right are offering the same poisonous "austerity" menu?

We have had enough of fabricated falsehoods!

In France, Germany and Greece, voters rejected political parties that have pushed for austerity.

Now look at the French scene. Let’s stop bragging that the Socialist Party won the elections, because so did the extreme right party FN (National Front) depicting the public unhappiness over austerity measures and posing a challenge to both presidential candidates. Meaning that the National Front could become France’s official opposition to the ruling Socialists. If you don’t act like a real socialist, you’ll lose power fast. Marine Le Pen could well emerge as the angry voice of many Europeans – a prospect that causes shudders across conservative-ruled Europe. She could also prove to be the nemesis of the European Union.

The ‘No to EU diktats’ won the day. The French also know they can not allow their country and identity to be taken from them. If French President Hollande does what I think he will do, the others will be crediting France with the destruction of the Euro and the EU.

It seems only a matter of time before fascism rears its head again in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Greece is already on the way.

Notice how the Greek anti-austerity parties have carried the day; irrespective of their political dogmas. It is highly doubtful that Greece should have been admitted to the EU to begin with. Successive Greek governments have lied about Greek finances since before Greece was admitted. In fact, the EU told them to lie. They wanted as many in the Euro as possible.

Isn’t the Euro group doing the same now? Although they know it’s unsustainable they want to keep it in at all costs, afraid of a domino effect. I think it is understood by all the major players that the Greeks won't be allowed to leave the Euro zone, no matter what. But sorry Malta we can’t pay you back!!

The undemocratic European Union is terrified, they know Greece would be better off out and fears that if this is seen to happen, peoples elsewhere will demand their countries out too. After all, all the countries would be better off quitting the euro currency.

In Germany, no less, Merkel’s conservative party was dealt a heavy blow, while the Pirates party has overtaken the Greens to become Germany’s third strongest political force.

Well, what is it and what will it be? Nationalism or rather Homeland Security.

Nationalism - be it economic nationalism or ethnic nationalism - is ascendant.

We do not want to subsidize other countries because we've got enough subsidizing to do within our own country.

There is no expectation of any of these countries ever paying off the debt. What sane government would ever give someone money, knowing that it would never be paid back?? The Maltese government, of course!!

The EU is merely attempting to squeeze blood out of stones and doesn’t care who is crushed between the stones. Let’s hope it will never be Maltese blood!

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ edict is a failure and will always be a failure. The widening eurozone crack is only one of many cracks and political upheavals in the European Union, incorporating also, the bailouts, trade and immigration laws, as well as a host of other minor EU directives concerning national interests. We all know what this means through experience but, evidently, we prefer to stay mum and suffer in silence. The only reliable mouthpiece against all this is non-other than the CNI.

This year we will be having another record in the arrival of illegal immigrants in Malta. Now we have to bow to the diktats of the EU Solidarity and Burden Sharing and Malta is not allowed to ask questions and even much lesser to implement solutions. The Dublin Treaty makes us responsible for every illegal immigrant that ends here. Our government is utterly hopeless and helpless.

Hasn’t the CNI been entirely and admiringly vindicated?

Now, when the going gets tough, the tough should get going! The local situation has become difficult and soon becoming unbearable, and consequently the strong and enduring CNI alliance should take the bull by the horns and push still harder for the safeguarding and conservation of the integrity of our homeland.

The Republic of Malta owes a lot to the CNI ranks and reciprocally the CNI owes as much to the Maltese populace.

Isn’t it time that now the Campaign turns itself into a political party, thus filling the long-felt void for a truly nationalist/democratic party, concerned with the real welfare of the Maltese without any foreign interference or hindrance? Starting with the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), which wants Britain out of the European Union, there is a multitude of other parties throughout European countries endorsing their country’s independence of the Euro and the European Union. This source of synergy should be tapped together with the anticipated support from all local citizens of good intent, which integrated, would vouch that the Campaign for National Independence is far from a lone voice in the wilderness.

In a different field, it should continue to strive to enlarge the list of protestors against the apathy of our government from taking any serious action against the deluge of illegal immigrants, mostly criminals, raiding our homeland. Vast publicity of this initiative and its urgent presentation to the relevant authorities should be of top priority. Any reciprocal support from the public, in whatever means, should be sought, encouraged and be appreciated. Shouldn’t charity begin at home, after all?

Furthermore, the CNI should seek and strive for more possible support and backing from all available relevant sources, whether local or foreign, thus also portraying itself in the wide and ever-growing anti-EU family of independent, democratic, freedom-loving, sovereign parties.

Our nation is in danger, and we desperately need people knowledgeable in the art of the deal to move forward. Having such people come forward to lead us would be a tremendous boon indeed. We need leaders who hear the voice of the people and abide by its pleading petition.

Referendum? The sooner the better and we'd vote to get out. The politicians know this.

The CNI needs your support…….before it’s too late!

One day, not in the distant future, we would all be more than thankful to the stalwarts of the Campaign for National Independence!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Image Contributed by Joseph M. Cachia

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