Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:44 GFP Columnist - Rattan Mann
At midnight of 15 August, 1947, the Midnight Children born in independent India were encouraged to dream the following dreams:

1)   Any Midnight Child could become anything - president, prime minister, a successful film star, or a successful industrialist- just on the basis of his own genius.
2)   No Midnight Child would be discriminated on the basis of his caste, creed, or sex. 
3)   The Maharajas, their empires, and dynasties would be abolished once and forever.

As those Midnight Children turn 65 now, they realize that Mother India had fed them with solid lies even before their own mothers could give them her first milk.

Maharajas, Dynasties, privileges arising from birth, and discrimination arising from caste, creed, and sex which were all thrown out of the door at midnight, returned through the window before dawn.

The Apologists of India say that despite a few broken dreams of a few spoilt Midnight Children, India has made great progress.

They say that post-independence India has successfully created many great industries, and has therefore become very modernized, civilized, and industrialized.

I say that the only successful industry post-independence India has created is the All India Rape Industry Unlimited (AIRI Unltd).  This is a vast Rape Industrial Complex with minimum production capacity of 90%.  In King George’s English this means that at least 90% of Indian women have been raped in their lifetime, often many times beginning in their childhood.

Like any industrial complex this rape industrial complex is divided into many sub-complexes. 

I can count at least four:

1)   The Consensual Rape Industry with minimum output capacity of 30%.  It means that at least 30% of Indian women have been raped by their own request.
This industry operates as follows:  Nobody forces anybody.  But if you want a promotion, a good transfer, a good role in a film or TV, or any other good favour , then like a good girl,  you yourself go running to the good bosses and beg them on your knees to rape you repeatedly with pleasure.  There is even a standard expression for it: “Sir, I will fully cooperate with you.”

2)   The Child Abuse and Incest Industry with a minimum output capacity of 90%. Stalin’s Evil Empire was based on a simple principle: Dead men don’t talk.

The Indian Child Abuse and Incest Empire is based on exactly the same principle: Children don’t talk when their rapists are their own relatives and teachers whom they respect and trust.

 After doing a lot of “research” and spending a lot of time, money, and “effort”, experts have calculated the minimum production capacity to be 70% - that is, 70% of Indian children have been sexually abused by their own relatives and teachers. 

Sitting unemployed and penniless in my dingy bedroom, with no facts or figures or research funds at my disposal, I say that this number is at least 90%, and the future will show that I was right and the experts were wrong.

3)   The Normal Rape Industry Unlimited.  Here the rapists are strangers, causal acquaintances, influential politicians and their children and the police. 

Here I am not giving a number, because I have not been able to calculate an exact figure.  The reason is that here too a lot of women choose to remain silent because it is a “normal rape” which does not lead to grievous injury or pregnancy.  Therefore it is relatively easy to hush the matter up.

4)   The Brutal Rape Industry with output capacity of less than 10%:  Brutal rapes with grievous injury are relatively rare, but they receive the most attention because they can’t be hidden or hushed up.  The recent rape of a girl in a public bus which caught world attention falls in this category.

So as everybody can see, the Indian Rape Empire is at its zenith, facing no danger from any “Hun” or “Vandal”.

Now as usual, I come to my “predictions”.

After the hue and cry raised by the public over the brutal rape of a girl in a bus, the government would be forced to tighten rape laws and ensure more speedy justice.
Unfortunately, it is not such good news as it looks, because it will bring justice to only 20-25% of the victims.  The silent majority of victims, especially children, would continue to suffer silently.

The problem of this “silent majority” can be solved only through a “total revolution” leading to the downfall of the Rape Empire.

Unfortunately again, this is easier said than done.  Indian leaders like Ram Manohar Lohia and Jai Prakash Narain preached about a “total revolution” all their lives.  Nothing much came out of it.

Now social activist Anna Hazare and his estranged disciple Arvind Kejriwal are once more talking of a total revolution.  If they succeed in bringing honest and capable people to the parliament in the upcoming elections in 2014, there may be a ray of hope for the “silent suffering majority” of India, both men and women.

Unfortunately, signs don’t look good, because at least at present Hazare and Kejriwal seem to have been side-lined by crafty politicians with huge stakes in the thriving Rape Empire.

So I end with my usual hair-raising scream on a spooky dark cold night from the depths of freezing hell called Norway…

“Who is going to tie the bell round the cat’s neck?  Who?  Who? Who?”

Image: Students in Guwahati, India, mourned the death of a rape victim on Saturday with a silent vigil; elsewhere, anger seethed. - Anupam Nath/Associated Press 

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