Wednesday, 23 October 2013 10:55 GFP Columnist - G. Tod Slone
To Editors Paul Pronovost, Cape Cod Times, and Ed Maroney, Barnstable Patriot:

When reading Seymour Hersh's comments, I immediately thought of you guys, ever burying uncomfortable local truths… 
"The fundamental job of journalists is to be an outsider."

"The republic's in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple."

"I'll tell you the solution, get rid of 90% of the editors that now exist and start promoting editors that you can't control.   I saw it in the New York Times, I see people who get promoted are the ones on the desk who are more amenable to the publisher and what the senior editors want and the trouble makers don't get promoted.  Start promoting better people who look you in the eye and say 'I don't care what you say'.  Just do something different, do something that gets people mad at you, that's what we're supposed to be doing" - Seymour Hersh, investigative journalist.

Contemplate!  Contemplate just how much you've sold journalistic integrity for money and careerism. 

G. Tod Slone

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