Wednesday, 01 April 2015 14:01 GFP Columnist - G. Tod Slone
Five years ago when I first heard about the project to build a monument to dead Senator Edward M. Kennedy, I drew a sketch proposal for it, based on the famous stone head in St-Eustache in Paris. 

Today, the objective Democrat-Party newspaper, The Boston Globe, published a story on the opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, written by an objective Kennedy, the famous alcoholic wife Victoria Reggie Kennedy, president of the institute’s board of trustees (sounds kind of like the Clinton Foundation, n’est-ce pas?). 

Unsurprisingly, comment space for plebes like me was not included after the article. 

Senator Edward M. Kennedy was really the antithesis of democracy, equality, and term limits.  He occupied, not Wall Street, but the Senate for almost 47 years!  His friends called him the “Lion of the Senate,” but his enemies “Senator-for-Life.”  Although he blathered about income inequality, he guarded his millions with the avarice only a Clinton could match and was known to be tight as a wad. 

Shamefully, millions of taxpayer money ($40 or 50 million!) went into building that monument, not really to the US Senate, despite claims to the contrary, but rather to one of its famous hack cronies, whose fortune should have paid for the entire thing.  [Are there any senators who are not hack cronies?  Are there any Senators who are not multi-millionaires?]

Taxpayers, of course, will be charged $16 to get into the joint.  What will be kept out of it?  That’s the real question young student visitors should be encouraged by their teachers to ponder.  But of course that just ain’t likely gonna happen!  Like their teachers, instead, they will be encouraged to open wide and swallow the myth, as the nation continues its downward spiral into the abyss of authoritarian dictate and consequent absence of freedom of expression.

“At a moment when civic knowledge is at an all-time low, this institute is a reminder of everything the Senate was designed to be—and everything it can be again,” boasted Victoria Kennedy. 

Yes, it is a reminder of how indoctrination can so easily replace truth!  It is a reminder of how the Senate is an institution of the wealthy for the wealthy!  It is a reminder of how “public service” has come to be a sure road to personal wealth enhancement, as personified by the Clintons.  It is a reminder that the supply of money is endless, unless of course it’s coming out of a Senator’s own pocketbook. 

Most of all, it is a reminder of how money can buy a Senate seat and eliminate accountability… 

Image by G. Tod Slone

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