Monday, 01 December 2014 00:00 GFP Columnist - Jack Random
Barrack Obama
President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President: 

The clock is already running down on your presidency.  In many ways you have been what you pledged to be.  That is the foundation of our discontent. 

We knew or should have known from the beginning that your primary corporate sponsors were the wolves of Wall Street.  One does not become the first person of color to be elected president without significant corporate sponsorship.  We knew or should have known that you would answer to corporate interests even in the wake of a financial meltdown born of corporate fraud.  We knew that your hands would be tied not only by congress and the Supreme Court but also by powerful international interests that reign over all presidencies.  We knew and yet we hoped for better and greater things. 

If you believed (as I presume you did) that the Affordable Care Act would secure your legacy, by now you should be recalibrating.  ACA is and will continue to be a legislative accomplishment of uncertain value.  History may consider it a bridge or an obstruction to a more rational healthcare system.  Only time will tell. 

If you want your presidency to rest on more than the substantial symbolism represented by the color of your skin, you must do more.  Consider what you can still accomplish:  Pardon Edward Snowden and open the books on the NSA.  Pass the Dream Act.  Pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq completely.  Declare an end to the war on terror.  Close Guantanamo Bay.  Call for an international framework on the future of war:  Drone and robotic war. 

These are some of the things a president can do without much help from congress.  You will not receive much help from congress.  But you don’t need congressional approval to do the most important thing of all:  Tell the truth about the halls of power.  Tell the truth as Eisenhower did.  Reach for greatness as only a president can and your legacy will secure itself. 

Jack Random

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