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Paris Kaye, a Native American (Onondaga Iroquois) writer whose family is part of the Six Nations reservation, currently resides in Rochester, New York along with his four children. His writings include both non-fiction and fiction prose, and he has e-published several pieces on a myriad of websites. Educationally, Paris attended college for four years and has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. Paris’s non-fiction writing more often than not advocates for individuals or groups of individuals who traditionally face societal-based obstacles. He also encourages people to participate in governmental process, and to use his or her voice to steer legislation and to keep watch over the American “Big Brother” and the geo-political theatre. Paris’s fictional works take an Existential perspective of the world, examining the subjective experience of life. Paris recently passed a writing milestone as his readership surpassed 35,000+ worldwide. When he is not writing, Paris serves as a Research Project Support Specialist for the SUNY Research Foundation; and he also provides employment services for developmentally disabled adults at a local human service agency. Paris has traveled extensively to places such as the Philippines, Hong Kong and mainland China. He has also traveled throughout the United States and Canada. Other interest, aside from writing and traveling, includes collecting and reading books. This novice antiquarian can boost of a home library containing 5,000+ titles. You can reach Paris at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Tuesday, 19 September 2006 20:00 GFP Columnist - Paris Kaye

ImageNever, within the history of humanity, has one group claimed exclusive dominion over the masses as does the current “Fourth Estate”. The latter term defined as the Press within the medium of television [for nobody, heaven forbid, reads anymore]. Their current influence is, arguably, greater than that of the medieval clerical and noble estates combined.

When the phenomenon of the twenty-four hour news channel first revealed itself, something was lost. That something is the commoner’s ability to think. The cognitive process has undergone restructuring at such a dizzying rate that rational problem-solving abilities have dwindled significantly within the upcoming generation.


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