Monday, 06 April 2015 00:00 GFP Columnist - Sage Thyme
Drones are now nearing the mosquito stage of nuisance as more and more uses are found and costs become less and less.  At this point we mean flighty craft like those of Amazon and the nearly ubiquitous camera-equipped models. It seems our first word of these unmanned aircraft came in the frightening news of a much larger model, capable of releasing deadly cargo onto US government targets in far off lands.

What is called “collateral damage” occurred when nearby innocent citizens walking to the store, playing tag in their yards or even getting married “met their maker”. This is all in the process of our “Overseas Contingency Operations” formerly called the War on Terror.

This kind of “double talk” reaches its clever best in times of war, the last of which was declared by the U.S Congress in 1941. Now we say “conflict”,  “action”, “making the world safe for democracy”  etc.

At a recent Weaver gathering, Kelli reported to her Sage grandfather that she had read a book about a dystopian time called 1984. Published in 1949 the novel written by George Orwell states “By telling a populace they are in a war, even a perpetual war, a government gets to enhances its’ power and repress its’ citizenry for the duration of the perpetual war.”  Sound familiar?

What was intended to be a light-hearted essay concerning circumstances, has quickly become a more serious matter.  Let’s try again, lighten up, more like our masking of everyday functions in Gottta Go.

A British school teacher has listed a few of the euphemistic phrases she uses when reporting to parents of her pupils. “Paul’s leadership qualities need to be more democratically directed. He’s a bully. Jonathan accomplishes tasks when his interest is stimulated. He has the attention span of a gnat.

Alfred demonstrates some difficulty meeting the challenges of information retention. He’d forget his name if it wasn’t taped to his desk. Bunny needs encouragement in learning to form lasting friendships. Nobody likes her. Joel appears to be aware of all classroom activities. He just can’t focus on the one we’re involved in. David frequently appears bored and restless. You might want to consider placing him in a more challenging environment.” In Jail?

Big business uses language creatively, too. You may have participated in “resource realignment,” translation: layoffs. When competing for business they didn’t win, they say we were “deselected.”  Now there is an “appearance policy,” which once was a dress code.

Oh for the good old days. Back to government. They propose  “revenue enhancements”  for ” investments” really meaning  taxes to rearrange resources. Now I’m doing it. It really means steal from the rich and give to the poor.

My biggest concern about today’s theme is that it is clearly an oxymoron a good CPA would immediately recognize. Really!!! How could Overhead be an Asset. But that’s the party line in government speak. Drones are Overhead Assets.

Image Contributed by Sage Thyme

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