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Laws regarding the sale and use of alcohol vary widely around the world. Much of the nonsense appears in your state. For ten or so years in the early part of the 20th century, the 18th Amendment to the Constitution banned the manufacture and distribution of “beer, wine, or other intoxicating malt or vinous liquors”, but curiously ignored possession for personal use while giving no advice on where not to find the banned substances. 

People like Al Capone became rich and famous offering the magic words “Joe sent me.” to facilitate easy access to the “speakeasies” serving the coveted consumables. 

Happily, church attendance and doctor visits increased, since Sacramental and Medicinal uses were not outlawed.

More odious results included the infamous gun battles among the illicit suppliers, increase in alcoholism, loss of tax revenue from formerly legal transactions, and of course the criminalization of otherwise law-abiding citizens who enjoyed an occasional drink. Oh, and don’t forget, NASCAR came about as a result of a need for speed to escape the “revenuers” when transporting moonshine. 

About the time I was born (1931) a brief document popularly called the 21st Amendment was drafted concluding, “The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.” Meanwhile in many of the United States, It is illegal to gamble at home while wagering is promoted aggressively by the various governments.

Additional in-depth research reveals two more vital facts. Captain William S. McCoy (a non-drinker) who provided the ships to facilitate most of the rum running along the east coast would never water down his imports, making his products the real thing or the real McCoy. But that was not the intended subject  for today.  Rather, it was to be the new menace to society, powdered alcohol. 

My initial survey suggests you’re not paying attention to  this threat. Producers in the U.S. supply to Germany, while students in the Netherlands have invented their own commercial product. Back home our state legislatures are busy trying to figure out how to keep the easily portable potable out of the hands and mouths of our underage population. Of course we know they don’t drink alcoholic beverages now. 

I’m more concerned about the likes of me who have had to make Bota bags look like boat cushions for gaining entry to concerts. Now partiers of all ages will be able to simply acquire water or a beverage and mix it with any of a wide variety of flavored powders. One has to wonder whether James Bond would shake or stir his Martini now. 

While various counties around the country have enacted a maze of morality-based prohibitions, none of the 50 legislatures currently bans alcohol statewide. So with the exception of the powdered product, when it comes to alcohol, there is not one single Dry State.

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