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No curious question mark needed.  It’s simply a fact.  We may not always like our circumstances or the way the world works.  Goodness knows life is not fair, and thanks for that.  It’s complaining that the odds are stacked against you that get’s tiresome.  Your employer certainly doesn’t pay you what you’re worth.  Some folks who make money by using their money seem not to “work” at all. 

Television commentators are very liberal in their tirades about that.  Some would argue whether the talking heads really work, or just rant for a living. There’s talk that some of them even feel underpaid for their campaign promoting the minimum wage.  Let’s take the time to convince our government representatives that that these well-meaning personalities start receiving the minimum wage.  That ought to help “level the playing field”.  While we’re at it, let’s arrange for all of our legislators to get the minimum  wage, too.  They have certainly earned it.

One of the best radio broadcasters I’ve ever heard is also a disc-jockey of extraordinary musical knowledge.  His encyclopedic store of the singers and songs gives him a real edge over those less prepared.  His timing, mastery of digital storage and ability to manipulate the delicate and complicated electronics  of the business put him ahead of the pack.  Add to that a quick wit and ability to placekick a pun for a comedy score while conversation is in full flight.

For summer fun, he goes waterskiing with his family including two children of that especially active age.  You can bet they respect his acute awareness of their actions even though dad can’t see them when they get out of line.  An accident of birth made him blind.  Complain?  Oh, maybe a wish of two for all the senses usually supplied.  But, with the help of nurturing parents  (His dad insisted that he water-ski among other things.) this active, successful man chose the path of his passion, overcoming what many would describe as a handicap.

You can bemoan your fate for not being supplied all the talent, money, education and whatever they have currently added to our “unalienable rights”.  Or you work to change your status quo by recognizing the “facts of life” and dealing with them.  Like it not, the fact is that we are each born with special gifts and impeding handicaps .

When this began, I planned to share a list of uplifting songs from the 30’s, a time when some sang "Brother Can You Spare a Dime".  Then I thought of Monte's Music Shop.  Now there’s only one song that really works.  "Pick Yourself Up, dust yourself off and start all over again." Friends and family have perhaps too often been afflicted by my habit of sharing my homemade mantras ;  but here I go again.  If things aren’t going your way, do something about it ’cause We live in a world of  What Is.  Think About It.

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