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Editor’s Note:

When the recent PM Trudeau “brownface story” came to be, many people denounced the act citing a variety of sound reasons, and as well, many people believe that people can learn, grow and change their minds and opinions on the topic of racism and realize the cultural misfortunes that are associated with this blatant disregard of the humanity of others.

Others unfortunately, don’t.

On the other side of this disastrous equation, is the big question of the 5 ‘W’s’ – namely - Who, What, Where, When & Why?

Simply put – who is the source?  In the business of the media, the “source” is paramount to any news story, especially one such as this. 

The following is an investigation by Amy MacPherson of Free the Press Canada.*

Dirty Tricks Behind Trudeau Brownface/Blackface Scandal? <article link

Excerpt from the article…

<Given that Time is an American enterprise, it raised suspicion that no Canadian media was approached with the original brownface scandal, to have any knowledge about the prime minister’s former transgression. No parliamentary bureau chiefs, with decades of sources and contacts, were prepared for this extremely damaging exposé. Even journalists hired by the Liberal government, and the Conservative opposition, are scrambling to make sense of how they got scooped by a foreign competitor.

Also given that foreign interference is a major issue in Western elections, it became prudent to examine the Time story with a skeptical lens. Free The Press Canada is an advocate of journalism ethics and periodically lectures on the Canadian university circuit (original / archive), so it undertook this analysis with a view to examining the power and means of foreign influence. With great surprise, the initial investigation of Time magazine led to curious discoveries within the article itself, as well as a web of deceit that surrounds the scandal.

The first issue with the infamous Time article is that reporters didn’t interview the purported source of the Arabian Nights photo, who they named as Michael Adamson. Instead they only paraphrase a disparate explanation regarding how Adamson came to possess this politically explosive evidence.

First they report he was involved with the West Point Grey Academy community, leaving readers to insinuate that Adamson may have participated with the school at the time of Trudeau’s employment. But the magazine follows up with a counter-statement that indicates Adamson only became aware of the offensive yearbook in July 2019, barely prior to the writ dropping for the current federal election. Time further describes Adamson as a “Vancouver businessman”, concealing his profession or any other information that would allow him to be identified and verified, according to Canadian journalism standards.

Oddly, Time addressed its source of the yearbook by name but it spoke on Adamson’s behalf, referring to him in the third-person. At no point does the magazine include a quote from the star of its story, who was apparently concerned enough to bring this matter to the attention of American media. When a source doesn’t wish to speak on the record due to fear of reprisal, it’s standard for a journalist to offer anonymous attribution. But that’s not what Time did. Instead it named Michael Adamson as a token lightning rod, in an effort to validate the magazine’s legitimacy and motive for unleashing the greatest scandal to rock another country’s election – its main economic trading partner, no less.>

We encourage everyone to take the time (literally) and read this article that will leave you somewhat mind-blown, and knowing a lot more about what goes on in the business of the media than you may, or may not have wanted to know – but should.

We wish to remind everyone that the GFP and our associates do not condone this type of racist behaviour and realize that all of us - can change for the better.

Our thanks to Amy MacPherson (<Twitter Page) for an outstanding expose regarding this matter.

*Amy MacPherson, Free the Press Canada.

Image: Courtesy of Free the Press Canada (Source: TIME)

Publisher’s Note:

The GFP has been in existence since 2006 and for the past 2 to 3 years has been on a hiatus due to other work (this is a hobby) that needed attending.  

This misuse of the media’s obligations by TIME and others has drawn us back into continuing the work the GFP started so many years ago.  To join in with others, and be a part of a fairer, cleaner, more transparent, people built media system. 

However, over the last few years, other brands of right-wing, fascist, white nationalists and supremacists groups and political organizations have emerged and are growing at such an unpreceded rate, that we are changing from a medium that welcomed the view of all political groups to supporting only those whose main goal is the betterment of society and not the views of those who wish to destroy it – they will be treated as such on the GFP.

For those who think this is a biased approach – we simply do not care what those people think. 

The time to try and understand it all has long since gone out the proverbial window – it has now reached a point where it is time to fight back with everything we can use.  It has truely become – Us vs. Them. 

The GFP has stood for more than a decade and there are past articles from staunch conservatives, republicans, communists and others; but we will not remove them, they will stay as a grisly reminder of who we are dealing with.

From this point on we begin a new chapter for the Global Free Press!

And as before we welcome anyone, who would like to send along their articles, editorials, or editorial cartoons, covering the positive views for a better world and exposing those people who are hell-bent on disrupting the common good.   We have a place for you here, and the more you can get your message out, the better for all of us.

Thank you.

PS – We appreciate your patience as we clean up our site from years of neglect and get it ready for our new writers and visitors!

Please see Contributor’s Info.

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