Tuesday, 04 April 2006 19:00 Hart Peikoff

I am writing in responses to an article seen in the Winipeg Free Press on December 29th 2005. (A.8) The heading was: Crystal Meth….Ontario eyes measures to stop drug’s scourge, written by Mr. Steve Erwin.

I take issue with many of the points Mr. Erwin makes. Your readers may be interested in where I am coming from. I was seduced in the early 70’s by my own free will and messed around with Crystal Meth, LSD, Cocaine, MDA (the ecstasy of today) magic mushrooms, and valium, various forms of diet pills, pain killers, marijuana and liquor. I escaped the seduction of heroin by the intervention of a power greater than myself just after coming out of a half way house which treated alcohol and drug abusers. At the time it was situated on Nassau Street between River and Scrapbook Avenue. The agency then was called the AFM.

I have spent most of my adult life fighting the fog, confusion and lack of focus resulting from my participation in the consumption of copious amounts of these drugs. These activities dealt harsh blows to my mind, body and soul. It has not been an easy journey home. Meth is by far the most dangerous and seductive of all drugs in my opinion. 

Having said that, they all eat away at a part of the essence of who we are and leave us later less than we were before. Guaranteed destruction follows young/old humans hooked on meth. And I assure you their travels are ripe with heartbreak and impotence for the user and their loved ones and friends. There is nothing you can do for the “meth head” until they realize their brains are physically crumbling before their very own eyes. No professional agency will take on the challenge they present until they admit they in fact have a problem. When you are on this roller coaster ride the speed is lightning fast and nearly impossible to get off. You will lie, cheat, and steal in order to get your next fix so as to kill the pain once again, even though sometimes you know deep down inside it’s only temporary. The documented success rate is minimal.

“Meth,” like many other drug addictions takes the emotional pain away instantly. It makes you feel whole, full of confidence, and produces a dangerous pseudo self esteem mindset. At least while the drug is performing its “magic.” Those of you out there who suffer from emotional pain and play around with pain reduction in this fashion need no further explanation. And if you do, you are in deeper waters than you realize.

So, to my issues with Mr. Erwin’s article in the WFP, December 29th 2005 (A.8.)

He identifies. a number of points the Ontario Government is doing to address this horrendous problem. (It will affect you the reader more profoundly when it attacks someone you know personally including a family member.) The Ontario government say’s it’s much more prevalent I the Prairie Provinces. They also state potentially explosive labs that produce meth are becoming more common in southwestern Ontario. So, what they have done is create a working group to examine the drugs spread. And, some time in March they may present their findings. Hogwash! It’s similar to waiting for a death to occur at an intersection commonly known for near death accidents before a controlled traffic light system is erected. Please, spare me the procrastination. Every one is so afraid to take a stance that for fear of reprisal which in and of itself smothers creative solutions. This phenomenon is evident everywhere: including all forms of private enterprise business.

Making it more difficult for drug users to get access to the ingredients of crystal meth such as the key ingredient found over the counter in pharmacies: pseudo ephedrine and providing better equipped police will do little to solve this plague. And any thinking reasoning and informed human being knows this to be true.

Ban this ingredient and dispense it by prescription will do little to stop the production of meth. That is why it’s so disheartening to hear these feeble attempts being made by articulate educated folk. If this is their idea of reversing a plague then no one concerned about this issue has reason to cling to fragile hope of eradicating this problem.

The flow of goods and services goes to the market which pays the appropriate fee. This sometimes includes tariffs, duties and taxes. Today in Winnipeg at any moment in time you can proceed to many streets in or fair city and purchase whatever your little heart desires. In the bars and clubs the philanthropic pushers will help you along the way for free, at least until you get hooked. Then boy, will it cost you: in money and sacrifice, possibly your life. Those in need of the relief of emotional pain, will lie, cheat and steal, even kill to satisfy their habit.

Go ahead. Debate it in parliament and report your progress to the media till the problem doubles or triples. Or, do something different and do it now. If not are going to lose our children, our streets and our basic way of life.

I am no expert but here are some suggestions;

- Allow the private sector to create profit producing prisons which manufacture desired goods at competitive prices directed towards the consumption habits of everyday Mr. and Mrs. Canada. Let these parasites that provide the drugs work for a roof over their heads and throw in the “bars” for free. And if they refuse to work, let them starve.
- Reduce the age of consent to 14 years. If you can kill…you can pay. And life in prison is a just sentence for these young barbarians.
- Increase the prison terms for first time offenders, those who distribute these toxic drugs to one lifetime plus.
- Increase the sentence to the manufactures of this poison to 100 lashes plus one life time in prison, that is minimum of 50 years. No time off for good behavior. Good behavior will keep them out of the “hole.”
- And lets do away with the mind set that got is in part to this awful.
- That being the age old expression: “You can judge a society by how it treats its worst citizen” to “You can judge a society by how it protects its best citizens”
- Work on reducing poverty so there is none. It’s possible. It requires imagination, passion and of course the will to do so. This can be done in part by redirecting the flow of capital from inefficient usage to special interest groups who wield far too much power in every walk of life to measurable projects which are designed specifically with these goals in mind. Give the administrators of these projects the power to act instantly. If the outcomes are not satisfactory simply adjust.
- Make it mandatory that marriage minded individuals take life and parenting courses and well as common law couples or entitlement programs end.
- Create halfway houses also through the private sector, transition stages before final release into society, for those who live that long. Pay them for their labor if it is up to standard and the goods they produce profitable. No work…No food.
- Reduce prisoner rights for this group. They gave up their rights to live in a just society when they committed these heinous acts.
- Have politicians sign declarations where accountability means they resign and are replaced if campaign promises, clearly defined at election time are not met. And set up rewards for promised delivered early.
- Education will help but it won’t help the poor soul in pain needing instant relief. Debate these issues afterwards. Act now.

Our children and I mean all our children deserve a chance, whether their parents can give it to them or not. Look at the Y Not program created by Mr. Brian MacKinnon. It is time to get serious. If there is a statesman out there with vision, passion, integrity, temperance and as well, is a great communicator, please identify yourself. Many of us are looking for you.

Hart Peikoff - This was initially sent to the “Letters to the Editor” end of December, 05. They (Winipeg Free Press) wanted to publish it but asked if I would cut it back. Not being a professional writer I did not know what or where to eliminate.

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