Friday, 12 March 2010 18:00 John Eoin Douglas Letters

Trish Shouldn't Trash ProstitutionIt is apalling that Labour MSP Trish Godman has tabled a string of amendments to the Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill currently going through the Scottish Parliament to make it an offence to engage in, advertise or facilitate paid-for sexual activity.

I can assure her that many decent, intelligent and well educated people of my acquaintance consider that a well paid career as a sex worker is infinitely preferable to the tedium of cleaning lavatories, flipping hamburgers or, worse, exposing oneself to public derision as an expenses-claiming know-it-all politician.

On the other hand, if her proposals do become law, I suppose that many of her parliamentary colleagues will expect to get for nothing that for which they currently pay.


John Eoin Douglas
Edinburgh, U.K.


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